The Mysterious Murderer by Liberty Bonjour

Issabella wakes up to a blood curdling scream. She jolts to her son’s room. He’s gone; she looks through the house, and no one is found. She immediately starts to cry; she runs to the home phone and calls 911. They pick up, and she says in a very worried tone, “m-m-my son is missing please help me”. The dispatcher stays on the phone until the cops arrive. The cops knock on the door of the house. The cop yells.

“Ma’am we need you to unlock the door. We will knock the door down if you don’t,    Ma’am!” 

There is no response. The cops get the lever to knock down the door. They get in, and they see Issabella laying there in a pool of blood. A knife in her heart, the cops stare in sorrow. They call for backup and the FBI shows up. They wonder why she did it, and why she would she kill herself. The FBI starts to investigate. They see a hair and bag it up for evidence. They take the knife and three other things and bag them up separately as evidence. They find that the hair belongs to a male. That night,  the FBI contacts her only living relative and sets up for them to meet in private at the station. The only living family member was her great grandmother El Berta. She was set to meet at the station the next day. El Berta grabs her keys and gets in her bug. She leaves the second she is off the phone. About 3 hours later, she arrives at the station for questioning. Officer Jadeyn takes her to the back room and starts the questioning while telling her what happened. 

“Ma’am do you know what happened at 1:15 am last night?” 

“No, what happened? where’s Isabella and Max” 

“Ma’am that’s what I’m here to tell you. I’m sorry. Isabella is dead. She was found after we got a call from her saying Max was missing.” 

“No! She can’t be. She’s the only thing I had left.” 

“Not exactly ma’am, Max has not been found yet, but we think we know where he is. In the evidence we found a note saying we have 24 hours to find the key” 

“The key? What key?” 

“We found a key, but we don’t know what it could go to. Could you tell us if you’ve seen it before” 

“Yes, I can.” 

She gets the key and shows it to El Berta.  

“Oh my god. I know what that goes to. Come on, let’s go.” 

“Ma’am wait, come here we will go together”.  

The whole squad gets in the FBI van and they head to the house. El Berta runs to the back of the house and opens a door to a basement. The unconscious kid is sitting in a chair tied up. He seems to be under a sedative and waking up. With what appears to be a RDD (Radiological dispersal device). It has a timer on it, 23 minutes to go. The FBI calls the bomb squad in and they come to the Little Boy. It takes 5 minutes for the boy to be set free. Suddenly when the boy gets up, he feels a slight pressure on his ankle. Officer Jayden looks and sees trip wire and yells. 

“Don’t move a muscle!” 

The boy starts to cry. Officer Jayden looks and goes to the boys’ side.  

“I am going to save you, but you have to listen. I need you to run as soon as I move you. I will give you a second to breathe. In three, two, one.” 

The bomb goes off. Max is safe, and officer Jayden is nowhere to be found.  All of the squad heads back to the station for now. They all sleep in a hotel with one of the officers. The officer says they will finish this in the morning and they head to sleep. 

The next day Max and El Berta wake up and grab a cup of coffee and hot coco then head to the station. When they arrive at the station, there are four male suspects sitting in a cell with an officer talking to them through the bars. One of the suspects looks very suspicious and is fidgeting with his hands a lot. Officer Jase looks at him and tells him. 

“Come with me” 

“w-w-why do I ha-have to g-go with you sir?” 

“You are being very suspicious sir. You will be detained and taken to the questioning room.” 

“But sir, I was just twiddling my thumbs” 

“No excuses. You’re coming with me” 

The officer takes him to the questioning room and gets ahold of his boss and asks his boss to come in to do the questioning.  

The boss arrives, and suddenly  he yells. 

“I know who the killer is, let the men go!” 

Little did the officers know that his boss was the killer. The officer asks. 

“who’s the killer” 

“Without fear he tells me! I am the killer.” 

“What sir, I am going to need you to come with me.” 

The boss goes with the officer. The officer starts to question the boss. 

“Why did you kill Issabella why would you do such a thing” 

“I felt like it I never liked her she is my ex-girlfriend and I absolute despised her” 

“Sir you are under arrest, for the charge of first-degree murder.” 

“Haha, I wanted to be sent to jail.” 

The officer takes his boss to the cell and keeps him overnight. 

The next morning, they arrive at the courthouse. The judge sees the man and states his name. 

“My name is Jon Clarkson.” 

The judge sentences him to the death penalty in prison for the charge of first-degree murder. 

“Haha, you fool. I wanted to die. I’m glad I killed her, she deserved it. Now you’ll never know what she did to that boy. You should be thankful, I killed her.”  

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