The Unraveled Truth by Journey Mongold

Confusion flowed through his body. He had to find out why such a gap of years were missing. “Why isn’t 2020-2023 on the timeline? He mumbled to himself. “Liam that’s enough” the teacher’s voice echoed across the room.

 “Why are those years not on the timeline?” Liam replied back. The teacher remained quiet. Silence flew across the room. He remained befuddled.

Liam wondered why no one spoke a word of 2020,2021 and 2023 and everyone just seemed to not care. He thought to himself “Why is there no trace or history of three years straight”, “Why does no one wonder about where it went”? and “Is there something that happened that couldn’t be revealed”? 

The day was skimmed by with questions. On the bus ride home, he decided to do research. The only thing he could use for research at the time was just his phone. It was hard because the service was spotty. He couldn’t find anything anyway, so he decided to just watch the trees pass by his window. 

It wasn’t long until instead of trees it was his driveway. He quickly stood up and walked off the bus. Leaves fell upon his head as he walked the dirt road. His backpack had begun to lay heavy along with his eyelids, but he was determined to find the truth.

As he stepped inside, he could feel the warm breeze from the fire in the stove. His mother Tammy welcomed him in her bear trap arms. As his impatience kicked in he slowly slipped away. “At Least it’s the break, so we will have time together,” Tammy informed him. His eyes lit up, remembering it is Christmas break. He would now have plenty of time to unravel the truth.

Stumbling into his room, throwing his backpack in the corner, he grabbed his MacBook from beneath his bed and opened a word document, and he began to lay out his plan. First he typed, “ First: Make plans with a friend, so I can get space from Mom. Second: Let the friend I choose in on the plan. Third: Spend the days at the library to have the best internet, technology, and book use. Fourth: Go from there.

He had begun his mission. He stood up and unzipped his backpack to shake out all of his things. Before leaving, he called his friend Jacob. Jacob was a friend of his that was always up for anything. As he tapped the green call button, Liam felt as if the touch of the button started his mission. Jacob answered, “Wassup Liam, it’s been a minute.” 

“Yeah it really has, so I’m gonna get straight to the point. I’m onto something and I need your help.” 

Jacob responded “Yeah bro, you already know.”

He shut and grabbed his laptop and placed it in his backpack and walked right out of the door. Before he could get a word in, 

Tammy had stopped him in his tracks. “Where do you think you’re going”? 

“I’m headed to Jacob’s, his Mom is having dinner, and she invited me to stay this week. I’ll be back next week”. 

“You’re lucky you were invited. Be back Friday evening somewhere around five. We’re going out to dinner with grandma and grandad.” 

With an excited screech in his voice, he replies “Thank you.” and rushes out the door.

He started to run through the iced-over fields. You could see his breath in the mist of air. His computer shuffled back and forth through his backpack. From a distance, he noticed the back of Jacobs house. Luckily the run was only five minutes. He paused for a second to catch his breath. He walked the rest of the way.

Jacobs’ voice echoed from his back porch “Hey, my Mom’s giving me the car for the evening. Do you wanna go somewhere?” 

“Yeah man, sure. why don’t we head to the library.”

 “Alright, but for what?”,

 “I’ll tell you on the way”. Jacob rushed in the house and grabbed the keys, and they both got in the car.

Liam told Jacob, “so you know how there’s no history of 2020-2023. Well, I think that’s weird how there’s no explanation, therefore I’m going to find out why.”

“Wow, that’s gonna be hard.”, 

“Maybe, but it’s worth it.” Jacob continued to drive as Liam laid back and listened to the rain tapping on the glass.

Pulling in, Jacob slammed on the breaks, shooting Liam forward. Liam didn’t even care at that moment as he was too focused on getting inside. They had run inside so they wouldn’t get soaked. Liam threw his backpack in the corner and ran straight to the computers. The librarian shushed them loudly. 

Liam sat at the computer desk, and Jacob sat beside him. Liam had Jacob skim through the books and find information. The rain fell in the background. “Pshht” Jacob said to catch Liam’s attention. “There’s no books here that are about 2020, 2021, 2022, or 2023.”,

 “They’ve gotta be hiding something”, Liam thought to himself.

Liam jumped up from his seat and he had an idea. “Maybe the librarian would be valuable”, he told Jacob. He followed Liam from behind as Liam approached the librarian. The librarian had a shirt that said “Full Of Questions”. Liam took that as a good thing. He went straight to the point and said “I need your help”

 “With what?”, the librarian asked. 

“I need information on the years 2020 through 2023.” he answered back. 

“You came to the right person luckily” she replied.

Liam’s eyes lit up while being informed of that information. She motioned them to follow her. They quickly followed behind her. She directed them towards a black, metal door that sat in the back shadows of the room. This is it. They were about to unleash the unleashed. The librarian got to the door and reached the pocket of her long jacket. She pulled out her lanyard of keys. The black shiny key is what unlocked the door.

As she opened the door, the boys could see all the file cabinets. One was labeled “2020” another “2021”, “2022” and even “2023”.

 “Why would she just open this up to us?” Liam thought. He was so curious to the point where he asked “Why are you letting us in on this?”

 “Because no one has ever asked, so why not tell you?” She paused then continued to say “Before I show you this, I just want you to know that this will change your view over life and everything under.” 

“We’re ready,” the boys said at the same time. She opened the file at the bottom of the cabinet. She pulled out a file that said “All the years combined”. 

The librarian opened up the folder that had papers which read “Government 21273, If you are not a certified government official, you may not legally read past this point. It was 2023 the conference in front of the United States was being held. A large audience was out below the stage lined up for hours. 

The conference started. President Biren rose upon the podium. He seemed off. He wasn’t normal. His words were jumbled. His stance wobbled. He began to say “Hello all fellow Americans, this pandemic will not take over our lives. May we all take this moment to watch this video put together by my fellow workers of those who have lost their lives due to Covid 100.”

The crowd silenced and moved their eyes to the big screen that stood behind Biren. By accident a video was leaked and showed government officials speaking. “The Covid 100 was put into place by the president to decrease the number of Americans.” The people that managed this video performance cut off the video and started the video that was supposed to be shown at first. After that the crowd was screaming, running and were scared for their lives.

The American people grew even more scared of the Covid 100. The government had to act fast and quickly. The act had been quickly put into place. Vaccinations for the Covid 100 were mandatory for all ages. The American people went through with it because the government officials paid off the scientists to say the vaccination was reliable even though it’s mandatory. 

Americans got vaccinated the day it came out. Little did the citizens know the vaccination would destroy all history of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. This information may not be revealed to any other people other than the government officials that were in or are in office at this time.” 

“How did you get this information?” Jacob asked.

 “I’m Biren’s daughter,” the librarian informed him.

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