The Not So Perfect Match by Harly Didawick

“I have never been more bored in my entire life.” Jamie said as she threw her backpack on the ground. “I’m three months away from getting married to that uninteresting mud puddle of a human.”

“You know that you aren’t supposed to question the algorithms. The apps are perfect.” Jamie’s roommate Stephanie shouted from behind the bathroom door.

“What’re you doing in there?” 

“I just got out of the shower.” Stephanie threw the door open. “I have a hot date with my forever mate.”

“I hate that term, forever mate.” 

“What is so wrong with Logan?”

“Are you actually asking me that right now? All he does is play video games. Oh and not to mention he looks like a naked mole rat.” Stephanie glanced over at Jamie wondering why she was such an idiot for thinking being with Logan was the end of the world. She rolled her eyes and walked out the front door slamming it behind her. 

Jamie filled with anger as she fell onto the couch. Moments later her phone dinged. Her phone read, “Brock:) Good evening beautiful! Are you free to hang out tonight?” A beaming smile appeared on her face as she eagerly sent a message back, “absolutely! come over to my apartment in about fifteen xoxo.” Behind all the misery of being with Logan, Jamie was hiding her true happiness inside. When “Forever Match” assigned her to Logan she always felt as if a part of her was missing. She understood that not everyone was compatible for one another, but the app said they were the “perfect match.” All kids were brainwashed into thinking they are only acceptable with one person, but in this case Jamie was miserable.  

“I just want someone who loves me.” A tear fell from Jamie’s eye in hopes that this pain would soon be over.   

Jamie began checking her phone wondering when the fifteen minutes would be up. “Ugh, what is taking him so long?” Minutes later a loud knock appeared to be coming from the front door. She jumped up from the couch and glanced through the peak hole to see who it was. Her eyes lit up like fireworks as she shouted. “BROCK!” 

“Shut up, do you want them to hear us?”

“Right, sorry.” Brock knew how important it was to keep him and Jamie a secret. If “they” ever found out about them, only God knows what would happen. The two made their way into the apartment where they began watching 50 First Dates. Ever since the day they met at Delta University, Jamie knew she was matched with the wrong person. However, trying to figure out how to go against the app was trying to fight a never ending war. 

The credits began to play on the television as Brock slowly put his arm around Jamie. She glanced over at him and gave a quirky smile. 

“Jamie, I truly believe that we are meant for one another. I can’t continue to act like I’m happy with my “forever mate” when I’m not. I don’t care what we were brainwashed into thinking.”

“Yeah, I agree! But what if they do something to one of us.” 

“It will all be okay, I promise.” He turned towards Jamie and started to lean in closer. Staring at each other in the eyes, they smiled and leaned in closer. Suddenly the front door flew open. 


“What in the hell is going on in here?”

“None of your business, Stephanie.”

“Listen, I don’t really care what you all are doing, but I am going to need an explanation for this one.” Stephanie walked over to the couch and plopped down beside Jamie. “Please explain.” 

“This is Brock! We met one day at college and have kept in contact ever since. I believe that the app made a mistake.”

“Jamie, you aren’t supposed to question it.”

“I know, but I am not happy with Logan. I want to be with Brock, and if that means going against what we have been brainwashed to think, I will.”

“I will support you with whatever you decide, but I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Yeah, but on a serious note Brock, you need to leave before Logan gets home.”

“Right! I will talk to you all later, and if you come up with a plan, let me know.” Brock slowly closed the door behind him, and Stephanie slapped Jamie across the arm. 

“What are you thinking?”

“I don’t want to be with Logan. I want to be with Brock.”

“Okay, well we better start thinking of a plan fast.” 

“I have the perfect one!” 

Three months later and it was finally the day Jamie was going to marry her “forever mate”, Logan. She nervously waited behind the closed doors. Stephanie, before walking down the aisle, turned to Jamie and whispered, “remember the plan.” The music began to play, and the door slowly opened. Jamie knew it was her time to shine. She began to walk down the aisle, and when she reached the end, she was met by Logan. The priest welcomed everyone to the wedding and began the ceremony. “Logan and Jamie have invited us to share in this celebration as they affirm their love before us….. If there is anyone present who can provide a reason for why these two persons may not be joined in matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.” 

“I object!” The crowd let out a gasp as Brock appeared at the beginning of the aisle. “I am meant to be with Jamie, not Logan.”

“No, Jamie is mine!”

“The app made a mistake, I swear. Ever since I met Jamie, I knew something was wrong with my match. I am happy with Jamie, not my “forever mate” like the app said.” Jamie began to walk down the aisle towards Brock. 

“I feel the same way! It’s true, I am not happy either with my “forever mate.” All along we knew how Brock and I felt towards one another, but we were afraid of what “they” would do to us if we questioned their algorithms.” They began to pull out their phones. “Brock and I will no longer be apart of this controlling nonsense.” Together they threw their phones on the ground and stomped on them to ensure they were destroyed. Jamie glanced over at Stephanie and blew her a kiss. Brock and Jamie headed away from the venue to continue their lives together, leaving Logan heartbroken at the altar. 

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