Klaus and Caroline

by: Journey Mongold

I had to find her again, it’s been 10 years. I couldn’t go another day without being with her. Caroline: A girl I watched grow and turn,  before we sent ourselves to a world that only lived hybrids. Vampires lived on Earth along with humans, though vampires stood in a place called “Mystic Falls.” Mind compulsion is what kept the humans from entering Mystic Falls.

Us hybrids decided to leave after the continuous feuds against the vampires. There was only one reason I didn’t want to leave this place full of vampires. A beautiful girl that had a deep soul, we were in love. Our time together was short, due to the hundreds of problems we both had, but when we were together it was a marvelous time. This time had to go differently. Parting was the worst of our relationship. 

We had word that vampires came face to face with witches. They have somehow made a dagger which killed hybrids instantly even if it was removed after entrance. Hybrids began their plan to invade Mystic Falls. We couldn’t let them have a dagger that they could potentially use against us.

Mystic Falls used to be ruled by me and only me. That is where I saw Caroline. She was just a baby at first sight. I didn’t fall for her then, but once she entered high school. She was kind, caring, and bold. She had such beautiful hair and smile.

I’ve always wanted to show Caroline the world and get her out of this town. Now there is a better place in this world. One reason we left Mystic Falls is because the witches made a deal with us. They would use all their power to create a parallel universe, where only us Hybrids would go. We didn’t think that was enough, they agreed to use their power to bring back my family. The rules there were that only hybrids could be brought to the universe.

I decided I had to go back that day. A plan was thought through between hybrids and I. The only questionable thing was my fellow rivals Stefen and Damon. It all ended on a bad note. You would think “Why not just kill them?”  Caroline would not dare to come with me if that happened.

I had come up with a way to distract vampires and find Caroline. Hybrids would be tearing up things and running through the town. Once that would happen Stefen and Damon would be fleeing the scene. That would be my chance to find Caroline and persuade her to come with me. There she could meet my family, and my only child, Hope. Hayley, Hope’s mother and I parted ways awhile before we came to our universe. Another question you may have is “Wouldn’t the witches have spelled you in there.” Well yes actually they did. A few days ago I found a way to break the spell.

The universe where no hybrid was allowed has been open a few days now, but no one knew about it other than me. I rounded up the hybrids and formed a preparatory for us all. All of them agreed to the plan. I was sure that they would come after our home was taken from us.

All we had to do now that the spell was reversed, is to jump off the flat surface of our universe. Mystic Falls sat far beneath us. It was a long fall but it couldn’t kill us unless somehow one of us landed on the dagger. We gathered together and took a jump off the edge. 

We landed in Mystic Falls. Loud thuds struck from the surrounding areas throughout Mystic Falls. How wouldn’t it have been noticed? Immediately hybrids began to raid into stores, homes, and schools, without harm unless harm was given to them. 

Surprisingly, not many got killed. Most were shocked and stood there. Some were arguing and getting into fights. By the time I got to Caroline’s house. I stood on her porch rug. “Is this the right thing to do?” I was thinking. Either way, my love for her was too strong not to take her with me.

I placed my hand, turning the knob. I felt the turn and push of another from the other side. It was her, she hadn’t changed a bit. I guess that comes along with being a vampire, but regardless, she was beautiful.

I was to see her eyes light up like the sun hitting the ocean. She was beyond happy to see me, possibly more than I was. Lost from words to say as she pulled me inside and asked “What are you doing here, are you crazy?” I told her a little, but only for her. 

Her cheeks blushed red. She asked “How are you even here right now, didn’t the witches put a spell on the universe”?. 

“Do you know who I am?” I asked her. 

“Of course I do, You’re Klaus Michaleson. 

I pulled her in for a kiss and proceeded to ask her “Will you come back with me?” 

“To the hybrid universe?”, she paused for a moment, “Of course I will, but how will the other hybrids feel about it”? She asked. 

“I’ve got it covered, love” I assured her. I left with a blink of an eye with her following behind me.

We stopped at the end of town. “Hybrids!” I echoed with my voice. They were all tearing up, but not as bad as I expected. Surprisingly, vampires weren’t trying to kill us. In the midst of getting all the hybrids together, I turn to find Caroline looking out into the distance. I looked in the direction of her eyes. I couldn’t see what she saw.

I stood and stared until I saw a figure. It was Stefan: The one madly in love with her. Caroline seemed regretful in the look of her eyes once she spotted him. I started to feel a great worry in my chest. The closer he got, the more uncomfortable she looked.

“So this is where this is going, huh?” Stefan rhetorically asked me. 

“It appears so, doesn’t it” I replied. 

“Caroline, is he taking you, or did you agree to be with him?” He asked her in worry. 

“Of course she chose to be with me. I can give her the life she deserves; not a low life like yourself and your idiotic brother.

“I- I told him I would go with him” Caroline barely got out. Stefan turned without another word, then Caroline turned toward me with tears sliding down her face and a frown that could turn the world upside down. I couldn’t help but feel terrible for her. It’s like at that moment I could feel what she was feeling.

I pulled her into my arms and told her this was her decision and not mine and that no matter how I felt or reacted, that all that mattered was that she was happy and where she wanted to be.

She gently pulled away and turned her head to the sun and let in a breeze of the fresh air, and let it out as if she felt renewed. “ I want to go with you”

We got back to the hybrid universe. Caroline met my mother, father, and my child. Nothing but a smile has been shown on her face ever since we entered back into our universe. I knew this was the place for her.

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