The Death of Emily Prentiss by Harly Didawick

Ian and Declan watched Emily walk away from their home, for the last time. She had been undercover to gain all inside details regarding the highly dangerous criminal Ian Doyle. Throughout her assignment she had to act as if she was truly in love with a psychotic criminal. Not to mention she also had to endure the responsibilities of being a “mother” to Declan, his son. Emily knew if she was going to get all the information she needed, Ian would have to trust her. She embraced every part of being his lover and a mother to his son. However, one day Emily became ill. The symptoms lasted for a couple of days and showed no signs of going away. 

They decided it was best to go to the doctor. When they arrived, Emily was taken back for bloodwork and other testing to determine what was causing her illness. She was escorted to an empty room where the doctor came in moments later. 

“Hey folks! I have some results for you.” The pair smirked and patiently waited for the doctor to speak again. 

“You’re four months pregnant.”


“Congratulations! Do you want to know the gender?” 

“Sure.” Emily said with a hesitant voice. 

“It’s a girl!” Silence fell across the hospital room as the doctor felt that was his cue to leave them alone. Emily glanced over at Ian. 

“What are we going to do?”

“It is our baby, we will raise her together.” 

“Okay.” Emily’s face became blank because she knew deep down they could not raise this baby together. 

As soon as they returned home, Emily sprinted towards the bathroom. 

“Mommy, what’s wrong?” Delcain said with a great amount of concern present on his face. 

“Nothing, honey. I just ate something bad for lunch and it’s about to come up.” Chunks fell from Emily’s mouth, barely making it to the toilet.

 “God I hate being pregnant already.” She knew she needed to let her boss, Aaron Hotchner, know what was going on. A phone call was not an option. She still had to keep her cover. The text read, “Hey A! So I have a slight issue right now which probably should be told over the phone, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I came up with an illness that lasted for a couple of weeks, so I went to the doctor with Ian. I’m pregnant and it’s his! What should I do?” Emily patiently waited for a response, but there was nothing. She was tired of waiting, so she decided to get some rest. 

The next morning she woke up to a text from Aaron that said, “I need you to wait three more months and then pretend you have a family emergency. You cannot stay there any longer than that.” 

Three months had passed and it was time for Emily to return to the BAU. She finished packing up her bag and began practicing what she was going to say to Ian. Moments later she was ready. She began walking towards the kitchen where Ian and Declan were discussing what kind of gun worked best.

“Hey guys!”

“Hi mom!” 

“I have something to tell you.”

“What is it honey?”

“Something awful has happened with my mom back home. I need to leave immediately.”

“Well, what happened?”

“She was walking to the store and got hit by a car. Unfortunately she didn’t make it.”

“I am so sorry Emily.”

“I must go now.”

“Will you return soon?”

“Yes, I will return in two weeks.” Ian nodded his head, giving a sign of understanding. They walked towards the door with her bags and braced for goodbye. 

“I will miss you mom!”

“I’ll miss you too buddy!” Emily gave Ian a kiss and quickly walked towards the vehicle waiting to pick her up. They waved goodbye to her, but still had a glimmer of hope. However, they did not know that she would never return. 

She finally arrived back at the BAU where she was met by her team. 

“What in the hell Emily! Your mission was to get information about Doyle, not to get knocked up.”

“Haha, really funny Derek.” 

“I thought so.” Emily rolled her eyes and walked towards Aaron’s office. She gently knocked on the side of the door frame. 

“Hey Aaron.”

“Good Afternoon Emily.”

“Are you mad at me sir?”

“No. Disappointed, but not mad.”

“I know. I should’ve been more careful and not have fully embraced the role of being his lover.”

“It is okay. What do you plan on doing with the baby after you have it?”

“I plan on giving her up for adoption. With my job, it’s not fair to her. I am always gone for cases and it is just bad timing.”

“Emily, I respect your decision and if you ever need anything just let us know.”

“Thank you sir!” 

A year had passed and the team was stuck on a case with a slick criminal. They had been working on this case for months, but have never been able to finish it. The most recent killing took place close to Washington D.C. A family was targeted in their home, but this time the killer left the child alive. The team gathered in the room and welcomed the new member to the family. Emily felt horrible for the toddler that was left at the scene of the crime, so she decided to take care of her until a foster home was ready. 

“What’s her name, Emily?” 

“Daisy. That was the name mounted above her crib at their house.” The team gathered around Emily each getting a glance at Daisy. 

“Alright team! It is getting late, so let’s conduct a plan of action for tomorrow.” Aaron said in a frustrated tone. The pressure to find the criminal was getting to him. 

“Derek, what do you think our first step should be in stopping this son of a bitch?”

“We first need to figure out why Daisy was left alive at this scene, when at every other one the child was killed as well. Once we figure out that piece of information I believe it will lead us in the right direction.” 

“Agreed! Everyone head home and get some sleep. We will need all attention directed towards this case tomorrow.” The team packed up their belongings and headed to the parking garage. Emily loaded Daisy into her carseat and said goodbye to everyone. 

“Do you want some help tonight with Daisy?” 

“I will be okay, but thank you Derek.” He smiled at Emily as she drove away. She arrived at home thirty minutes later and immediately unloaded Daisy. Exhausted from the day she put Daisy to bed and shortly after Emily fell asleep. 

Daisy began to cry, which woke Emily up. 

“It’s okay Daisy. Shhhhh..” While comforting Daisy, something caught Emily’s attention. A dark shadow appeared in the corner of her bedroom. Emily made eye contact with the figure and it came out from the darkness. 


“Emily, it’s nice to see you again. What happened to returning to our home after two weeks?”

“Um, something came up.”
“Don’t lie, you stupid bitch. I know you were undercover that whole time. Once you didn’t return I did research.”

“It’s not what you think it is.”

“SHUT UP! Do you even recognize the child sitting beside you?”

“Yeah, it’s Daisy. She was the child left at the last crime scene for my case.”

“Wow, you’re such a great mother. This is your child! I found out you were putting her up for adoption and I ended up adopting her. Those crime scenes were set up by me. Daisy was my way of tracking you down one last time. ” 

“You psychopath. Who does such a thing?” 

“It is just what I do! Turns out the year you spent with me and Declan wasn’t enough time to learn everything about me.” 

“I know more than you think. I feel sorry for your first wife, falling in love with a piece of shit like you.” Anger filled Ian’s body as not another word exited Emily’s mouth. He placed his hand on her throat. 

“I should’ve killed you a long time ago.” The sound of a gun echoed through her apartment as blood splattered on the surrounding walls. He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and dipped his finger in the pool of blood lying in front of him. Ian wrote, “It looks like you couldn’t save her this time.” He left Daisy lie on the bed as he no longer needed her and walked out of the apartment. Ian was never seen again. 

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