The Return of Cristina by Sara Veara

“Hang on Hunt, we are gonna get you out of there!” Ben yelled to Owen through the car that now looked like a pancake. The crew worked for a solid hour cutting and stripping away metal, trying to free their friend stuck on the inside. 

“Okay Owen, we are about to take the final piece off, in order to free you. Then we will get you to the hospital and everything will be okay.” Sullivan explained to Owen. 

Lifting the final piece of car off of him, the team was able to extract him safely. Quickly, they strapped Owen to the backboard and loaded him onto the lift. Once he was strapped in and secured, Sullivan radioed up to Andy giving the all clear to lift the winch and bring him up. Ben tried to go with him while he was getting lifted up out of the ridge, but Sulllivan stopped him before he could get his harness on to join. Owen was about half way up the ridge when there was a loud snap. The crew stood and watched as the winch slipped from the ladder and Owen went flying down the 100 foot drop to the ground.  


The crew ran over to his side. Ben reached down to feel if he had a pulse. There was a very faint one. 

“We gotta get him up that ridge, into the aid car, and to the damn hospital right now!” Ben ordered the team that was down there with him. They strapped Owen up again on the backboard and drug him up the side of the ridge. Once they reached the top, they quickly got him into an aid car and headed to the hospital. 

“Oh no, you do not get to die on me today Hunt.” Ben whispered to the lifeless Owen laying on the gurney as he performed CPR. He continued to perform CPR for the next 10 minutes. Ben managed to get Owen back again and he was finally stable. When they were five minutes from the hospital, he crashed again. Ben immediately began CPR again. 

The ambulance arrived at the hospital and Ben was still working hard to save his life. 

“What the hell happened!” Bailey yelled with a confused look on her face as she opened the doors to the ambulance. 

“He coded twice in the field. We were able to revive him this time. Currently ongoing CPR for five minutes!” Ben yelled as the gurney was removed from the rig. Once the gurney was on the ground, Bailey took over CPR and they rolled it inside. Ben ran into the hospital after them. 

About an hour passed. Miranda came out of the room. She looked at Ben and just shook her head and then he knew Hunt didn’t make it. 

Miranda walked over to the nurses station. 

“Page doctor Meredith Grey to the E.R. please.”

“Right away chief!” 

Miranda stood in the E.R. with Ben hugging him until Meredith arrived. 

“Bailey, what’s going on?” 

“Meredith, maybe we should go somewhere more private.”

“Um okay?”

Meredith followed Bailey up to her office. She then explained everything that happened to Owen. Grey just stood there in shock. 

“Meredith, I need you to call Cristina and get her to come back as soon as she can,” Bailey told her. 

“Bailey, you realize that Cristina couldn’t give a crap what happened to Owen. I doubt that she will come back” Meredith said to Bailey in a soft voice. 

“Just call the damn woman and get her ass here!” Bailey yelled at Meredith as her voice began to break. Grey shook her head and then walked outside the office to make the phone call. Not five minutes later, she walked back in. 

“She will be here in 12 hours.”

“Good. Okay. Well, Teddy is four hours into a six hour coronary bypass and then she has an open heart transplant directly after so no one tells her what happened to Owen yet. I will have to find a way to tell her.” 

Bailey sat down and tried to find a way to tell Teddy what had happened. 

12 hours later…

“Cristina!” Meredith shouted when Cristina got out of the cab. They proceeded to walk in the hospital to find Bailey. They were on their way to the office when Teddy walked out of her surgery. 

“Cristina! What are you doing here?” Teddy questioned her. 

“I am here about Owen. Mer called me last night and told me to quickly get here.”

“Wait, what about Owen?” 

“Um, he died.”

“Wait, he what? I think Meredith was joking with you.”

“No she wasn’t. Owen is dead. Did no one tell you yet?” 

“No. She didn’t.” Teddy said in a low voice as she stormed off to go find Bailey to find out what really happened. 

When Teddy reached Bailey’s office, she busted through the door. She demanded answers of what happened and how it all happened. Bailey asked her how she found out. Teddy told her that Cristina told her when she was out of surgery. 

“Damnit Yang!” Bailey said under her breath. 

“Bailey, I want to know everything that happened. Yang wouldn’t tell me and I. I just- I need to know what happened to cause me to become a widow again.” Teddy said with her voice breaking through the tears that were now streaming down her face. 

“Well, he was in a car accident. The car went down over the ridge and Owen got trapped inside. When they extracted him, they tried to pull him up using the ladder truck because the ridge was too steep to carry him. He was strapped to the ladder winch and was half way up when the winch broke and Owen fell. Ben said his heart stopped. They got him back once but his heart stopped again when he got here. Teddy, I tried everything in my power, but I just couldn’t bring him back. I am so sorry.” Once she was done, Teddy sat in the office and sobbed. 

One month later… 

After the funeral, Teddy went to go talk to Bailey. 

“Bailey, I am sorry to do this today but I am leaving. I am moving back home so that way Allison and Leo can be closer to their grandparents. So I guess this is me officially resigning from chief of cardio at Grey Sloan.”

“Is there anything I can do to make you stay?” Bailey asked. Teddy shook her head no, gave her a hug, and then walked away. Bailey stood there in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that she just lost her chief of cardio. Bailey racked her brain trying to figure out who she could bring in as Teddy’s replacement, and then it hit her. Cristina. Quickly she went to go find her. 

“Cristina. I um, I have a favor to ask.”


“I just lost my chief of cardio. I know that you are running Burke’s hospital in Switzerland and that you have so many commitments over there but would you consider coming back to Grey Sloan and being my new chief of cardio?” Bailey asked Cristina. She pondered the questions for a minute or two. 

“I will have to make a few calls and move some things around but I think I may be able to make that work.” 

“Thank you so much. Well, welcome back Dr. Cristina Yang. Grey Sloan Memorial is grateful to have you back on the team.” 

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