hold ur hands behind ur back. by virginia

No one’s really expecting they’re going to die. Who sits in their living room and thinks “I’m gonna get in a car crash today” or “today’s the day my house burns down with me in it”? Well, unless they’ve been planning it. That wasn’t my case, though, so I didn’t wake up thinking that this day would be my last. If I did, I probably … Continue reading hold ur hands behind ur back. by virginia

Kalmia Kid by Virginia

Students wrote stories based on their favorite songs. These are their stories… Kalmia Kid – Chloe Moriondo If I found someone to stick like glue to I’d probably peer out from the leaves Hide a couple of roses up my sleeve And I always find myself stuck in this love goo Feelings are hard to ignore Especially when you don’t know what they’re for Don’t … Continue reading Kalmia Kid by Virginia

Addiction is not a disease. By: Alyssa Wagner.

We grow old so quickly. Walking rotten bodies at age 35. It isn’t how it used to be, you know? We choose this now. We choose to wrinkle, walk slowly, die early. Breaking bodies, moldering minds, decomposing from the inside out. Drinking the poison with a smile. Injecting ourselves with a false feeling. Snorting yourself into something you wish was real. Smoking your headache away … Continue reading Addiction is not a disease. By: Alyssa Wagner.

Belligerent Bliss. By: Glory Stoll

“Dangerous place for a girl like you.” The bouncer grumbles. “I can deal.” I respond with attitude.  I slid into a bar stool and order 3 shots of some choke inducing Everclear.  “Where’s you’re friends, damsel?”  “Probably coinciding with my nonexistent father .” I wink at him and down my toxic with ease. My world blurs and I watch as some bikers waltz in… owning … Continue reading Belligerent Bliss. By: Glory Stoll

Dress to Impress. By: Hynnja Dietrich

So beautiful in that white dress, it just accentuates every aspect of her body, as her mother I was absolutely starstruck. I didn’t think this day would ever come. The room was filled with tears and happiness. Yes, her childhood ended, but she is about to start a new life for the better. Flowers decorate the chapel with bright, glowing colors to match her illuminating … Continue reading Dress to Impress. By: Hynnja Dietrich

12 a.m. thoughts. By: Brandy Capps

Are you really here? Your mind or just your soul? Every hard time. Every bump in the road hits harder and harder. The thoughts of being alive. Can you feel the pain? Heart racing? The cracks of every burden in life rising above you or just falling below. You’re falling into depression. Mind games playing tricks? The world is oblivious to your inconvenience. Your presence. … Continue reading 12 a.m. thoughts. By: Brandy Capps