Chapter 3: Always Alone

We all rode together to the hospital. Grandma was in the front crying. Jessica was driving and comforting her. Jasmyn, Danny, Dad, and me were all in the back. “I thought he was sleeping. Why didn’t i check on him” “Mom it’s fine. Dad will be fine.” When we got to the Hospital everyone went in. I had to stay out in the waiting room … Continue reading Chapter 3: Always Alone

Chapter 1: Beginnings

     My alarm clock was blaring. I walked to my mirror. I had major bed head. I changed into my Whale Tails then, my embroidered low-rise jeans,and Pink crop top. I grabbed my black Steve Madden’s off the stairs and struggled to put them on. Daniel was in the kitchen arguing with mom like usual. Loren was reading Harry Potter in the corner. “Don’t … Continue reading Chapter 1: Beginnings

Remembering ch.1

A word appeared on the Touch Wall. She moved and pointed at it.   “Why do we live here?,”she asked. The class was silent.   “Global Warming,” said a girl under her breath. The teacher smiled. “global warming.”she said. and then it appeared on the TouchWall. Then the name Greene Corp. I rolled my eyes and sighed. I hate that company; they make my dad … Continue reading Remembering ch.1