Time for a deal

“So, what have you learned today?” Mapper asked from across the metal table, his arms crossed in front of his chest, a smug look smeared across his face. I sat there in cuffs, staring at that smiling bastard with contempt. “It appears like you learned to listen to your partner when she have good advice, such as ‘quit while you’re ahead’. That was pure wisdom.” … Continue reading Time for a deal

A Storm of Dark

“Arise you imperfect beings, accept your rise to greatness” a booming voice spoke out in the stone tunnel. I opened my eyes to see Jaerno,  fellow acolytes surrounding me. A circle of dark hoods of black and royal purple, their faces were barely visible in the grim torchlight. In my direct sight was Jaerno, he was a magnificent man dressed in purple robes with glowing … Continue reading A Storm of Dark

Ronald Dillinger’s Night Out

  “Please follow us to the hot spring, Dilly!” one brightly colored nag with an ivory horn jutting from its head shouted to me. Oh no, not this shit again. Every night, ever since my older sister forced me to watch that stupid cartoon, these dreams have haunted me routinely.   “For god’s sake, leave my dreams already!” I shouted back in the non physical … Continue reading Ronald Dillinger’s Night Out

Trading Prompts: A Long Ride Home

Prompt: Normand walked out the front double doors of the building, breathing clean air, taking in New York’s beautiful scenery for the first time in 25 years. Required objects: shotgun, horse, basket, jungle gym.             The fresh air hit me like a brick wall, cold and rough.           The sunlight warmed my skin like the heat permeating off of a campfire.           The bland … Continue reading Trading Prompts: A Long Ride Home