The Enchanted “Tails” of Sky and Toby

By: Aubrey Lackey This is the story about me, and the way I met the forbidden love of my life. Deep in the ocean where the squids lay their heads is my home, Atlantis. Yes, it is true, Atlantis is real and it is in fact really sparkly and gold, however things there are not much like paradise anymore. I am the daughter of Poseidon, … Continue reading The Enchanted “Tails” of Sky and Toby

The Cave by: Calie Brown

Walking through the damp cave, he panted, seeking shelter from the storm outside. The sound of water dripping through the crevices in the Earth. His dog had run away from him when the thunder started, and he was not expecting to be out this long. He sniffles and pulls his jacket around himself. Stumbling further into the void-filled cave, he pulls his phone out to … Continue reading The Cave by: Calie Brown

Robbery Turned to Misery by: Justice Beers

The group of rambunctious teenagers hopped up and down, giggling down the corridors of the high school building. They had gotten into the building by cracking a window open earlier that day. The juveniles had a plan, ready to steal from the teacher who’s caused them quivering pain throughout the school year. Stealing had become a trend on a platform called TikTok, more often called  … Continue reading Robbery Turned to Misery by: Justice Beers

Microfiction by: Harly Didawick

Accidentally The restaurant sat in silence as expensive wine slowly flew through the air. With broken glass in tiny pieces on the floor, everyone was afraid to move. The waitress and guest checked to make sure they both were okay. They rose from the cold floor, stopped and gazed into one another’s soft baby blue eyes. This moment looked as if it was meant to … Continue reading Microfiction by: Harly Didawick

Microfiction by: Jada Dean

Pumpkin She shoves the metal spoon into the ripe pumpkin, scraping the sides to get the mushy guts out. Out comes the spoon, overflowing with orange slop as she dumps it into a bowl. “I’m glad you’re using the spoon this time, honey” her mother coos, “much easier to clean you when you’re not using your hands.” The young girl smiles up at her mom … Continue reading Microfiction by: Jada Dean