Microfiction by: Gage Banks

Charred Limbs  Decades of growth led to a beautiful forest blossoming along the clouds. Shrubbery, so vibrant yet calm. Footsteps among the wood are not heard, but felt under the ground through thousands of sap-filled veins. Elder trees speaking through the roots, telling tales of fallen friends. Some speak of men with spinning maws. Maws biting and ripping the flesh and bone of wooded kin, leaving … Continue reading Microfiction by: Gage Banks

Microfiction By: Aubrey Lackey

Whispers  A cold breath of death trickling up my spine as I hear its voice repeating constantly at different volumes. It is a mystery. It is a figment of my imagination. It is never-ending. “Aubrey,” “AUBREY,” over and over. An entity either caused by protection or a devil on my shoulder. I hear it call out to me in the middle of the symphony that … Continue reading Microfiction By: Aubrey Lackey