The Unraveled Truth by Journey Mongold

Confusion flowed through his body. He had to find out why such a gap of years were missing. “Why isn’t 2020-2023 on the timeline? He mumbled to himself. “Liam that’s enough” the teacher’s voice echoed across the room.  “Why are those years not on the timeline?” Liam replied back. The teacher remained quiet. Silence flew across the room. He remained befuddled. Liam wondered why no … Continue reading The Unraveled Truth by Journey Mongold

Victim by Chloe Riggs

The small flame illuminated the dark room cramped with sweaty bodies. I was thankful the smoke from the fire was close enough to cover the foul colognes and perfumes originally used to mask their naturally repulsive scent. Unfortunately, the candle did nothing to drown out their singing.  “Happy birthday to you,” my family and friends sang as an off-key choir.  We were all huddled together … Continue reading Victim by Chloe Riggs

Untitled by Kaytlyn Spates

Gentle, battle-hardened hands brushed against soft warm-like skin.  “You shouldn’t worry so much. It’s not good for you.”  The only reply the other got was a sigh. He looked away, unable to look her in the eyes, lacing his fingers with hers.   “I’m trying to.”   Small, choked sobs slipped past his quivering lips. They wrapped their arms around one another as she pulled the blond-haired … Continue reading Untitled by Kaytlyn Spates

The Skywing Kingdom by Calie Brown

Waking up with the sun hitting your eyes is never fun, neither is hanging upside down in someone else’s talons being hauled off to some unknown place that you’re sure you’re not coming back from. The wind slapping Vortex in the face as she regains consciousness, not being able to see with the light hitting her closed eyes. She tries slapping at whatever is carrying … Continue reading The Skywing Kingdom by Calie Brown