The Not So Perfect Match by Harly Didawick

“I have never been more bored in my entire life.” Jamie said as she threw her backpack on the ground. “I’m three months away from getting married to that uninteresting mud puddle of a human.” “You know that you aren’t supposed to question the algorithms. The apps are perfect.” Jamie’s roommate Stephanie shouted from behind the bathroom door. “What’re you doing in there?”  “I just … Continue reading The Not So Perfect Match by Harly Didawick

Aether by Justice Beers

The Kingdom of Graycott is hidden within the waters of the sea, the society being one of the only remaining in the world. Ever since the nuclear bombing 63 years ago, Earth has not been the same. Majority of the survivors took to the radiation-soaked oceans, attempting to find a safe haven. Through this voyage, they found a perfectly sized island that had somehow dodged … Continue reading Aether by Justice Beers

Untitled by Gage Banks

We were seen as exiles for fleeing the walls of the city, and for that we were seen as dangerous. Those in higher powers tried to maintain a state of constant filtered information. To the civilians, the government formed to defend against what horrors existed outside the barriers. In truth, there was nothing except open land. Beautiful beasts grazed green fields and fed upon the … Continue reading Untitled by Gage Banks

What They Don’t Prepare You For by Harly Didawick

It was finally the moment I had been dreaming of since I was a little girl; my wedding day. Although it is not how I imagined it to be. I imagined it as a magical day where time would just stop, but standing at the beginning of the aisle without my dad made it impossible for me to embrace my special day. Looking over at … Continue reading What They Don’t Prepare You For by Harly Didawick

Heaven Isn’t So Far Away by Harly Didawick

Gretchen threw her dirty dish into the sink and returned back to playing video games. “Honey, you need to stop playing video games and do your homework.” “Why dad? It’s pointless. I am just going to be a professional gamer girl.” “It doesn’t matter, go do your homework like I asked you to.” “You are no fun! Why can’t you be like my friends’ parents … Continue reading Heaven Isn’t So Far Away by Harly Didawick

Time by Jada Dean

There’s a time where you realize how far you’ve come. You slowly watch yourself get taller, smarter. You become more mature. Your ideals shift. Then, there’s a time when you realize how different your family is. Your siblings grow up; your parents’ hair starts to grey; your grandparents start to pass on.  I knew changes would happen. I expected my family to age with me. … Continue reading Time by Jada Dean