The Christmas That Changed Everything by Cassie Bowers

I can remember that call we got, that horrible call. We were expecting a call, just not the news we wanted. My grandma had the phone on speaker when we got the news that she has lung cancer.  When the doctor said that, she started crying. I told my sister to go to her room and cry, because someone has to be strong for grandma. … Continue reading The Christmas That Changed Everything by Cassie Bowers

The Mysterious Murderer by Liberty Bonjour

Issabella wakes up to a blood curdling scream. She jolts to her son’s room. He’s gone; she looks through the house, and no one is found. She immediately starts to cry; she runs to the home phone and calls 911. They pick up, and she says in a very worried tone, “m-m-my son is missing please help me”. The dispatcher stays on the phone until … Continue reading The Mysterious Murderer by Liberty Bonjour

Injected Love by Justice Beers

“Jolene, my love, I have missed you.” Finn Acker bellowed once his girlfriend marched through the archway of his living room. His bulky arms took the opportunity to embrace the smaller girl, holding her tight to his chest as a way to represent the deep affection he holds for her. He has suffered immensely, one week without her felt like a million life times. Jolene … Continue reading Injected Love by Justice Beers

Downtown by Harly Didawick

Looking upon the Kanawha River glistening like glitter on the surface with a family skipping rocks in the distance, I wondered what life would be like having a happy family. My childhood was never easy, chaos to say the least. Most of my life I lived with my grandmother because my parents were drug addicts. Unfortunately, my grandmother lost her battle with breast cancer a … Continue reading Downtown by Harly Didawick

Mail or Male? by Harly Didawick

 I sat in my quiet, half-lit living room writing a letter to my family out in California. Only seeing them once a year makes it extremely difficult to proceed with my day-to-day life. Normally I write to them about once a month, but I haven’t written to them in three months. My life has been one big roller coaster that won’t slow down. I dreadfully … Continue reading Mail or Male? by Harly Didawick

Anawi by Journey Mongold

There was a young boy named Travis. He had always acted weird around his parents, Sherry and Tom. Sherry, his mom, would always notice he would get home late from basketball, football games, and walking home from a friend’s house. When Sherry would ask him why he was always late walking home, he would ignore her.  Travis was attending the last football game of the … Continue reading Anawi by Journey Mongold