Cure You To Death by Josephine Mundorf

“Oh, shit! Guys come on, we need to leave!” A lanky man barged through the door his once neon blue hair, now faded, falls into his eyes. Sehun scoffed, Chanyeol’s yelling would only bring more attention to their small group. Throwing the last of the granola bars into his backpack Sehun followed the blue haired boy and their two friends out of the building. “I … Continue reading Cure You To Death by Josephine Mundorf


In the spirit of Halloween, we have decided to write horror flash fictions. Everyone was assigned a prompt (there were 10) and were given instruction to write a story, starting with approximately 50 words.  Passing around your paper, everyone contributed to the different papers in 5 minute turns. The students then got their originally papers back and were to revise, give and ending to, and type. Some … Continue reading SPOOPY FLASH FICTION