The Chosen One By Kindle Gill

  It was a cruel damp night. The year was 1983; sex, drugs, and rock and roll were starting. Kids began listening to devious rock bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Motley Crew, filling the youth with bad influences and a taste for rebelion. Children and young teens lost their faith and innocence by caving into the temptations of the world’s evil. In the Stilton’s … Continue reading The Chosen One By Kindle Gill

The Night Not To Remember

“What the hell?” I said recovering from my unconsciousness. I scratched my head as dried blood flakes float off. I look around noticing broken beer bottles and empty McDonald’s bags scattered across the dirt and bug riddled ground. The smell of sewage and Donald Trump’s toupee flooded the dark alleyway and curdled my stomach. I look to the right of me to realize there was … Continue reading The Night Not To Remember

The Girl Next Door

I rolled over as the sunlight peered through my curtains and pried open my eyelids. I let out an exaggerated yawn and threw my arm over the lovely lady sleeping soundly next to me. I kissed her soft forehead. A smile crept from ear to ear. “Good morning beautiful.” I said, with a morning grin, to my wonderful wife, Olive. “Good morning Kelsy.” She replied … Continue reading The Girl Next Door

We’re All Strangers: Chapter 4

“Thanks for all your help,” Mom smiled at the nurse who pushed her wheelchair. She carefully gathered Paris and climbed into the car. As soon as the door closed, and the nurse had her back turned, Mom’s face changed. It was hard. She turned to dad, “Where were you? My husband should’ve pushed me to the car.” “I… I went on a walk.” Dad said … Continue reading We’re All Strangers: Chapter 4

We’re All Strangers: Chapter 3

“Kelsy get up. Get up! We are home.” Sebastien started to violently shake me. I slowly open one eye at a time. Rubbing them gently as the sunlight seeps through my groggy eyelids. “Kelsy get up! Let’s go!” I groan and slowly shrug off the bus. “How was school today, bud?” “It was fine.” Sebastien said. Something had him upset. “What’s wrong kid? I can … Continue reading We’re All Strangers: Chapter 3

We’re All Strangers: Chapter 2

  Jenny sat on the couch saying nothing as Jason left for work without a kind word or kiss from his distant wife.  Jenny sighed as she rubbed her over grown stomach feeling the unborn child’s faint movements. The house was quiet as Kelsy and Sebastien struggle to find the motivation for the day. Kesly walked over to her mother as she lies on the … Continue reading We’re All Strangers: Chapter 2

We’re All Strangers: Chapter 1

“Where have you been?” Jason heard a voice shout from the darkness. He didn’t answer. A lamp switch clicked. Bright light flooded the room. He shielded his eyes and kept his mouth shut. Jenny clenched her jaw and crossed and uncrossed her legs before standing. “I guess I’ll say it again. Where have you been? It’s 3 in the morning, where have you been.” A … Continue reading We’re All Strangers: Chapter 1