Microfiction by Kaytlyn Spates

                                                                  Little Goldfish         Laying in a bed of cotton clippings and  decaying rose trims, the weeping statue prayed. Old crayon scribble drawings decorated the halls and walls of the rooms we once played in. Now empty and dark, water damage stained the floors and ceiling of the small white steeple. Opening the small zip lock baggie, gently setting six little yellow cheese covered goldfish crackers atop … Continue reading Microfiction by Kaytlyn Spates

The Worst in Me by Laura Herbst

Falling in love is not such an easy thing to do, especially to someone who’s neurodivergent according to health professionals, but it comes easily to me. Whether it has been through AC/DC, sunflowers, or the song ‘i miss you, i’m sorry’ by Gracie Aabrams. One thing I have learned from my hyperfixations is that they taught me how to love and let go better than … Continue reading The Worst in Me by Laura Herbst

The Quick Ride by Aubrey Lackey

Bam! Smoke filled the air as I drifted straight into a full, lush tree in my yard. This go cart my step dad Ryan built was treasured among my three siblings and I. Ryan always pointed his rough, oil-covered, mechanic finger at us and said, “You be careful on that thing! You could kill yourself if you go to fast!” He was a hard working … Continue reading The Quick Ride by Aubrey Lackey