Mother’s Betrayal by Leasah Hutchinson

I excitedly jumped out of bed and ran to my closet. Today will be one of my milestone makers and maybe even the best one. Today will mark the end of my fifth and last year of schooling. Which means, in two months, I will receive a permanent work assignment. If everything goes as planned, I will receive a level 10 job. That would be … Continue reading Mother’s Betrayal by Leasah Hutchinson

The End by Madison Harvey

Journal Entry #1: The year of 2026 was the last for the United States. Russia sent nuclear bombs on the south coast and Washington, D.C. That morning, everything changed. Most pershied, and the ones that didn’t, went into bomb shelters located miles underground. That’s where I ended up. I have been here for 576 days 13 hours and 36 minutes….. 37 now. I was one … Continue reading The End by Madison Harvey

Taco Bell Takeover by Sara Veara

“Jeffery, did you really bring that rugged old toy with us on a groundbreaking space mission?!” Phillip asked just as the rocket was landing on Mars.  “Yes, I did, Phillip! Leave me alone!” Jeffery responded. The rocket is getting closer and closer to the ground when all of a sudden they spot a building structure outside of the window. The closer the rocket gets the … Continue reading Taco Bell Takeover by Sara Veara

Valentines Day by Cassie Bowers

My name is Chloe and today is Valentine’s Day, the day I dread the most. It’s the day everyone is happy with their significant other while I’m depressed at home eating chocolate. I don’t even want to go to school because of all the love that will be everywhere. As I got there, it was exactly as I thought, teddy bears, chocolate, and roses everywhere. … Continue reading Valentines Day by Cassie Bowers

The Journal That Haunts Me by Sara Veara

The attic was so stuffy with summer heat and dust that she could barely breathe, but she persisted. Ever since she was a kid, she was obsessed with going through other people’s things. The house her family just bought was filled with boxes and knickknacks from the previous owner. The old lady died suddenly and left behind no family to clean up her belongings. The … Continue reading The Journal That Haunts Me by Sara Veara

Juliet’s Letters by: Madison Harvey

Verona, Italy, home to Juliet Capulet. A fictional character, yes, but to millions of women looking for an answer regarding every aspect of their life, she is as real as you and me. Letters are still sent to her this day, but it isn’t her who answers, but her secretaries Dear Juliet, My heart is broken. Shattered even. He said he loved me, but he … Continue reading Juliet’s Letters by: Madison Harvey