The Fog by Jayden Rhodes

The Fog The year was 1915 and The Great War was about to change the world forever. A french soldier named Xavier was part of the two divisions stationed at Ypres, Belgium. He had gone through several battles and was now a corporal along the frontlines, just outside of no man´s land. He had many of friends who had died alongside him throughout many of … Continue reading The Fog by Jayden Rhodes

The Letter by Emily Staebler

On the night of October 30th, 1998, Jessica Adams and Robert Adams were murdered in cold blood outside of a casino in Vegas. They were on their honeymoon at the time. They had gotten married because they had a beautiful baby girl named Ellie-May. Now this family wasn’t like any other family, they were a family with many secrets. Secrets that her parents took to … Continue reading The Letter by Emily Staebler

Missing or Not? by Jenna Perry

She heard the loud footsteps getting closer, the creeks in the walls, and her own heart beating. Alone in her room, she did not have anywhere to hide. She was terrified of what was going to happen next. The lights were off. She heard her bedroom door open, and she saw a black shadow that seemed oddly familiar, but she could not make out who … Continue reading Missing or Not? by Jenna Perry

The Other Side by Makayla Snow

“EW! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FREAK! AH!” I quickly picked up my tray and started to pick up the food off the floor. Evelyn Steven screamed as she grabbed her white Gucci shirt that was stained with red sauce. “Whoa, calm down babe. It’s not that bad. Just go change.” Tristan Morgan, our school’s quarterback, was a rich kid who moved here a few … Continue reading The Other Side by Makayla Snow