The Chosen One By Kindle Gill

  It was a cruel damp night. The year was 1983; sex, drugs, and rock and roll were starting. Kids began listening to devious rock bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Motley Crew, filling the youth with bad influences and a taste for rebelion. Children and young teens lost their faith and innocence by caving into the temptations of the world’s evil. In the Stilton’s … Continue reading The Chosen One By Kindle Gill

Time for a deal

“So, what have you learned today?” Mapper asked from across the metal table, his arms crossed in front of his chest, a smug look smeared across his face. I sat there in cuffs, staring at that smiling bastard with contempt. “It appears like you learned to listen to your partner when she have good advice, such as ‘quit while you’re ahead’. That was pure wisdom.” … Continue reading Time for a deal

A Storm of Dark

“Arise you imperfect beings, accept your rise to greatness” a booming voice spoke out in the stone tunnel. I opened my eyes to see Jaerno,  fellow acolytes surrounding me. A circle of dark hoods of black and royal purple, their faces were barely visible in the grim torchlight. In my direct sight was Jaerno, he was a magnificent man dressed in purple robes with glowing … Continue reading A Storm of Dark