Realization by Madison Harvey

Remus Lupin knew two things. He was a monster. A monster in love with his best friend, Sirius Black. He spent all summer thinking about it, and it wouldn’t leave his mind. “Hellooo, earth to Moony.” A hand was waving in front of his face. He reached out and grabbed it. “You know I’m feeling crappy. Leave me alone Prongs.” “I’m sorry. I forgot your … Continue reading Realization by Madison Harvey

The Death of Emily Prentiss by Harly Didawick

Ian and Declan watched Emily walk away from their home, for the last time. She had been undercover to gain all inside details regarding the highly dangerous criminal Ian Doyle. Throughout her assignment she had to act as if she was truly in love with a psychotic criminal. Not to mention she also had to endure the responsibilities of being a “mother” to Declan, his … Continue reading The Death of Emily Prentiss by Harly Didawick

The Not So Perfect Match by Harly Didawick

“I have never been more bored in my entire life.” Jamie said as she threw her backpack on the ground. “I’m three months away from getting married to that uninteresting mud puddle of a human.” “You know that you aren’t supposed to question the algorithms. The apps are perfect.” Jamie’s roommate Stephanie shouted from behind the bathroom door. “What’re you doing in there?”  “I just … Continue reading The Not So Perfect Match by Harly Didawick

Untitled by Kaytlyn Spates

 Cold winds carried puffy gray clouds across the dark blue skies, while loose papers danced along the empty streets. Tall city buildings wilted with decay, crumbling under the weight of their own structure as they reached for the sky.   “Alex, hurry up! We might get caught if we keep standing out in the open like this.”  A red-headed boy complained to the other boy … Continue reading Untitled by Kaytlyn Spates