Trading Prompts: A Long Ride Home

Prompt: Normand walked out the front double doors of the building, breathing clean air, taking in New York’s beautiful scenery for the first time in 25 years. Required objects: shotgun, horse, basket, jungle gym.             The fresh air hit me like a brick wall, cold and rough.           The sunlight warmed my skin like the heat permeating off of a campfire.           The bland … Continue reading Trading Prompts: A Long Ride Home

The Night Not To Remember

“What the hell?” I said recovering from my unconsciousness. I scratched my head as dried blood flakes float off. I look around noticing broken beer bottles and empty McDonald’s bags scattered across the dirt and bug riddled ground. The smell of sewage and Donald Trump’s toupee flooded the dark alleyway and curdled my stomach. I look to the right of me to realize there was … Continue reading The Night Not To Remember

The Girl Next Door

I rolled over as the sunlight peered through my curtains and pried open my eyelids. I let out an exaggerated yawn and threw my arm over the lovely lady sleeping soundly next to me. I kissed her soft forehead. A smile crept from ear to ear. “Good morning beautiful.” I said, with a morning grin, to my wonderful wife, Olive. “Good morning Kelsy.” She replied … Continue reading The Girl Next Door

The Trading Game: The Blink by Mr. Dugan

Prompt: You are in Mr. Dugan’s creative writing II class and you have to write 1,200 words on anything, but must include. Must Include: Words Sentences Paragraphs An actual plot Story: “Alright ladies and gentlemen,” Mr. Dugan starts his creative writing II class the same way he does every day. I don’t know why I took this elective. I hate to write and I’m the … Continue reading The Trading Game: The Blink by Mr. Dugan

The Trading Game: Mystery Box By Dylan Wise

For this assignment, students wrote a scenario and list of objects and then traded with another student who wrote the story. We call this “the trading game.” Prompt: You are 17 and have convinced your parents to let you move out. You know you cant do it alone so you put out an ad for a roommate. Once finding your roommate you realize there is … Continue reading The Trading Game: Mystery Box By Dylan Wise