Chapter 6

Two voices echoed through the secured call, alone and secluded from the outside world. The veil of static separated them from countless other conversations. Two operators stood opposing each other. Both their chosen avatars were simplistic in design, and revealed as little as possible. One fat and stout and the other lean and thin. Neither had their faces enabled, but their identities were obvious to … Continue reading Chapter 6

Chapter 5

About an hour later, I finally made it to the precinct. The building didn’t appear to be anything special, just a large office complex with a parking unit and high tech garage to the side. A large set of bold white letters above spelled “MCPD”. A few cops out front were snacking on doughnuts and coffee on the front concrete steps. I spied the whole … Continue reading Chapter 5

Chapter 4

I don’t exactly remember what happened last night, or what happened after the lobby. All I know is that I ended up in my bed, in my apartment, with Jeannette curled up next to me under the thin covers. The early morning sun sifted through the metal blinds. Through narrow slits, I peered around the one room apartment and noted it more disheveled that usual. … Continue reading Chapter 4

The Luster of Leather: Chapter 3

After a cold commute through the backstreets of Michigan, I made it to my rundown slice of home. A lowly, family owned apartment complex dead set near the industrial area. I stumbled through the main doors into a small and warm greeting room. I glanced at the clock at the end of the bland lobby. The elevator stood open, and I tried to hurry into … Continue reading The Luster of Leather: Chapter 3

The Luster of Leather: Chapter 2

A common misconception about a burnt crime scene is that a lot of the evidence is destroyed, which is kind of true. Fire burns shit, simple logic. Fortunately, fire also makes a lot of things more apparent. Things like marks and footprints are burned away, whilst other older marks are left to inspect. You can tell a lot from a fire. From my observations, the … Continue reading The Luster of Leather: Chapter 2

The Luster of Leather: Chapter 1

A perfectly good historical building standing for about century now, and just like that, some jackass tired to burn it down. It’s usually a harsh accusation, arson, that is. Without much definitive proof, a case is thrown away faster than it began. The public gets on our asses whenever a misdemeanor goes through in a burn case or criticize us for nabbing the wrong guy. … Continue reading The Luster of Leather: Chapter 1