House on Pious by Jayden Rhodes

Shawn lost his job and was no longer able to live in his house with his son; they had been living there together for over eight years, and this was where his son was born and raised. He said to his son ¨We are going away, but that he had a plan and everything would be ok.¨  His son reluctantly replied ¨ok¨ in a sad … Continue reading House on Pious by Jayden Rhodes

Time for a deal

“So, what have you learned today?” Mapper asked from across the metal table, his arms crossed in front of his chest, a smug look smeared across his face. I sat there in cuffs, staring at that smiling bastard with contempt. “It appears like you learned to listen to your partner when she have good advice, such as ‘quit while you’re ahead’. That was pure wisdom.” … Continue reading Time for a deal

The Show Must Go On: Chapter 5

CHAPTER FIVE       The next morning is filled with yawns and groans as I groggily go along. At lunch, I was woken up by a teacher and received a stern lecture about how today’s generation spends too much time staying up late partying and playing on our “doohickeys”. I just nodded my head in agreement, apologized, and kept going about my business.       … Continue reading The Show Must Go On: Chapter 5