Our Authors

Please take a moment and get to know our student authors:

Taylin Bachtell

image1Taylin Bachtell is a 12th grader at Berkeley Springs High School. She is from Morgan County, West Virginia. Taylin is a very caring and warm-hearted person. Taylin enjoys writing fiction about things that could actually happen, like mental illness and addiction. Taylin has always liked writing when she was younger, but once she took her first creative writing class her junior year, she fell in love with it. Her teacher, Meghan Powell, influenced her to develop her writing skills by writing multiple shorts stories and even a memoir. Taylin really enjoys realistic fiction, especially writing it. Her favorite author is John Steinbeck, because he takes realistic problems, like the Great Depression, or the Dust Bowl, and makes stories out of them. Taylin hopes to write a small story, and hopes to publish it.

Kimberlei Brown

IMG_20180827_061539_140Kimberlei Brown is an 11th grade student at Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, West Virginia. She enjoys the creativity in writing suspenseful stories, and hopes to become more creative in writing. What inspired her was the creativity of writers, and their works, such as Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, and Emily Dickinson. Kimberlei hopes to become a more creative writer, and learn more skills and techniques along the way.


Cody Cottle

Cody Cottle is a writer and musician from Morgan County, West Virginia. He currently attends Berkeley Springs High School and is in 12th grade. Although his primary passion is music, he often finds himself writing short stories in his free time. He has received an award from the Daughters of the American Revolution for a short story that he wrote in 2013. Currently he is working on a novella set to be completed by May 2019. Keep up with him: Snapchat: xc.Cody YouTube: Cody Cottle

Abigail Emmons


Abigail is from Berkeley Springs, WV. She bases her writings off of her past, and she loves to write about tragedies. Her experiences influence the deaths or the losses in her writing. When she was young, she wrote poems about losing her mom. J.K. Rowling influenced her, by showing her that anyone can be anything no matter their past. She wants her work to be published.

Instagram: aremmons1482

Kindle Gill

image1 (1).jpegKindle Gill is a 17 year old high school student, who has lived in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia her whole life. She’s had to overcome a lot of events that most regular teens would have a hard time handling on their own. She enjoys skateboarding, and hanging with her delinquent friends, getting into any trouble she can find. She also enjoys writing because it helps express the thoughts and feelings that she has trouble sharing with others. This year she hopes to complete her memoir, and that it’s a very professional piece.


Thomas Munson


Thomas Munson is a senior at Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, West Virginia. He’s attended James Rumsey Technical Institute, and acquired two Microsoft Office Specialist certifications while he was there, as well as a lot of CIW experience. He’s now also attending Blue Ridge Technical and Community College. Thomas enjoys reading and writing sci-fi and horror stories. His biggest influences come from great movies and books, such as Avatar and The Stand. Thomas’ favorite authors are Stephen King and Dean Koontz. As a writer, Thomas only hopes that people will enjoy his writing.


Instagram: thomass_munson


Ace Thurman

Ace Thurman is a junior at Berkeley Springs High School in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. He uses the alias “Elias Windgate”, and mainly writes fiction, especially science fiction. His favorite authors are Ray Bradbury, Johnathan Maybury, and Stephen King. They inspire him through the complexity and vastness of their imaginary universes. He wishes to begin his long line of fictional tales by completing his prologue. He lives on the Paw Paw Woodshed, and Whipping Post Frisbee Gold Course. Feel free to visit if you enjoy the sport.


Dylan Wise



Dylan Wise is a 17 year old student who currently attends Berkeley Springs High School. He has written three short stories and a 491 page informational novel about cars. Dylan’s from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and loves riding his ATV, going for bike rides, and listening to music.


Gretchen Spillman

image1 (2).jpegGretchen Spillman is not only a student but also an athlete at Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, West Virginia. She is the oldest of three children. She spends most of her time at work, school, or taking care of her mother who is battling cancer. Gretchen started writing over the summer to let out how she feels on the inside. She loves the fact of letting everything out but keeping it all to herself. She loves writing about illnesses that don’t get as much attention. Gretchen has written multiple pieces on depression. A few things she’d like to accomplish this year are graduating and getting accepted into West Virginia University.