Our Authors

The Class of 2021-2022

Cassie Bowers is a 12th grade student at Berkeley Springs Highschool. She loves to read, so she is pretty sure she will love writing. She enjoys reading and writing about romance. That’s all she ever reads about. Her favorite author is Jenny Han. She is the biggest influence on her writing. She hopes to be a good writer like Jenny Han one day. 

Sara Veara is a 17 year old senior at Berkeley Springs High School. She is from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. She plays three sports; golf, basketball, and track. Her main sport is golf, and she plans to attend college on a golf scholarship. When she goes to college, she plans to major in nursing. In her free time, she helps her dad run their maple syrup business. She also assists her dad in running his chainsaw carving business. Sara has a 4.2 GPA and is involved in 4-H as well as extracurriculars through BSHS. She enjoys reading nonfiction and fantasy books. Sara does not have a favorite author at the moment. Although she spends a lot of time running around playing sports, she manages to find time to read and write daily. Her biggest influence for her writing is mainly her experiences. Through golf and 4-H, she has gotten to travel all over the state of West Virginia. She enjoys writing about her adventures and really connecting with the readers of her work. She enjoys writing stories about scenarios she makes up in her head that cannot happen in real life, but through writing she has the opportunity to put her thoughts on paper. She hopes to write a story that someone can really connect to. 

This is Calie J Brown, she is a high school student with an amount of stuffed animals that any normal person would not have in their house. She is from Hedgesville but goes to Berkeley Springs High School because that is where her aunt and brother went. Caile loves to read and write fantasy stories, and her main inspiration for fantasy is Tui T, Sutherland. Having drawn the dragons in her stories and getting the inspiration, Caile began to write her own stories about dragons she has created and drawn herself. This year Caile was hoping to make her writing better because she knows that her writing could use some touching up.

Liberty Bonjour is a student at Berkeley Springs High School in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. She likes writing Mystery, sci-fi and heartfelt stories. One of her biggest influences is James Patterson.She loves writing because it relieves stress and is fun to her. She loves to hunt fish and draw in her downtime. Her biggest goal for this year is to get all good grades and stay out of drama.

Cody Doorn is an aspiring writer and game designer from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. He is originally from Athens Pennsylvania. His favorite genres are horror, comedy, fantasy and sy-fy. His biggest influence for his writing is the people in his life and the stories he’s read before. He has multiple favorite authors, one of the biggest being Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson books. He hopes to get through his senior year with flying colors, and start working on his first game sometime this year.

Daniel Shifflett Jr. is a senior at Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, West Virginia. He’s originally from Calvert County, Maryland and moved to West Virginia when he was in sixth grade. He’s talented in music, but likes to read and write. He also enjoys nature photography. He taught himself how to play five instruments and hopes to learn more as he gets older. He enjoys Sci-fi, horror, and tragedy. His biggest writing influences are Robert Dugan, and F.Scott Fitzgerald. He hopes to become a better writer this year. You can find out more about him on instagram@Yuh_Boi_Big_Daddy_Dan

Chloe Riggs is a senior at Berkeley Springs High School in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. She is a writer in Creative Writing II, and one of the editors of WriteMC. Chloe loves to read and write about humorous, romantic, and mysterious stories. She writes because it is an escape from her reality and is the only way she knows to express all of the ideas and thoughts floating around in her head. She is inspired by her favorite author, Kassie West, as well as an encouraging English teacher. By the end of the year, Chloe plans to have written a collection of successful and meaningful short stories. You can find some of her work on this website.

Journey Mongold is a 10th grade student at Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, West Virginia. Journey is from Maysville, WV. Journey favors dystopian fiction. She started writing when she was very young, but she started writing when she got her first journal. She loves writing because it helps to explore her mind and occupy her. Journey does not have a favorite author. This year she hopes to learn how to put her writing together better. Her instagram is _journey_amara_.

Aubrey Lackey is a student at BSHS and is in the 11th grade. She enjoys reading mystery and fantasy novels, but enjoys writing non-fiction stories. Her biggest influence on her writing is her mother who used to be an English teacher. Since Aubrey was little, her mom has encouraged writing what her heart desires, and she became interested in reading and writing at a very young age. Her favorite book is Child of the Mountains by Marilyn Sue Shank. She doesn’t have a favorite author as of right now. She is a smart girl who takes pride in what she comes up with creatively. This school year she hopes to become more advanced in getting her stories to reach a new level of bringing out the reader’s emotions. Follow her Instagram if you would like because she is pretty rad. @aubreylackey_7. 

Leasah Hutchinson is a student at Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, West Virginia. She is currently working on graduating from high school and then attending college. Miss Hutchinson plans on being an engineer, who writes books in her free time. She loves romance, classics, and action. The biggest influence on her writing is Lousia May Alcott, who wrote her favorite book Little Women. This year she hopes to improve her writing skills for the future. To find out more about her you can follow her instagram: @leasahhutchinson.

Madison Harvey has been a resident of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia since she was three. She is originally from Great Cacapon. Madison loves to read and write, but especially loves to watch Grey’s Anatomy and listen to ABBA. Her work comes from ideas from her personal life. She mostly reads young adult and fantasy. Her favorite author and biggest influence, Jennifer L. Armentrout taught her how to connect a little bit of herself in each story she writes. She has been writing since she was able to and loves the escape it gives her. This year she wants her writing to connect with her readers. You can find her on instagram: @maddieharv_3.

Selena is a 12th grader in Berkeley Springs High School. She likes writing horror, crime, and stories about herself. One of her biggest influences in writing would be Stephen King, he is also one of her favorite authors.  This year her hope is to start writing better than she thinks she does now. She was born in Berkeley Springs, and she is very nice, kind, and overall honest.

Harly Didawick is from Berkeley Springs, WV and has lived there her whole life. She enjoys playing basketball, spending time with her family and friends, and taking her dogs on walks. An interesting fact about Harly is that she has never traveled anywhere outside of the east coast. Harly enjoys reading mystery, romance, crime, and non-fiction novels. Her favorite book of all time is Stolen by Lucy Christopher. Harly’s biggest influence on her writing is her previous English teacher, Mrs.Hopkins. She got started on writing her junior year while taking AP Language. Before taking AP Language, she never had the urge to write, but now she includes writing in her day to day life.  Her favorite thing about writing is that she gets to put her own twist on the writing. Harly’s favorite author is Jenny Han. Jenny inspires Harly’s work through the creativity that is portrayed in her books, especially in her To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series. In this class Harly plans to write stories that outsiders can relate to and allow for audiences of all ages to enjoy reading her work.

Jada Dean is a Senior in the 2021-2022 school year in Berkeley Springs High School. She was born in Virginia, raised in West Virginia. Jada enjoys reading and writing fantasy. Fantasy is her favorite genre because of how much creativity can be shown in work of that genre. Writing is important to her because it’s an outlet to express creative thoughts and emotions on paper. She doesn’t know what she wants to do after highschool, but her top picks are going to school to be a mortician or going to school to be a phlebotomist. Her favorite author is Victoria Aveyard because of her Red Queen series. She hopes to find her own particular writing style and build on her skill as a writer over the course of this year.

Justice Beers is a 16 year old junior who attends Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, West Virginia. She is an outgoing and creative individual who wants to bring her personality into writing. Justice has always enjoyed writing as an output since she was a little girl, and she continues to find comfort in it. She enjoys writing and reading fantasy and romance genres. Her favorite author of all time is John Green, as his work of portraying mental illnesses and sickness into novels is something she truly admires. She takes grand inspiration from him as she one day wants to write in the heartbreaking way he does. As a writer in high school, her goals are to broaden her variety of writing and learn how to better portray her thoughts onto pages. You should totally follow her instagram @justicebeers.

Gage Banks is a senior at Berkeley Springs High School. He goes to school everyday and enjoys the mind numbing experience of education. Gage enjoys reading books of whatever genre. Writing is something he likes doing. His favorite author is John Green due to writings like Looking For Alaska. Gage’s biggest influence to start writing was probably when he wrote his name for the first time in kindergarten. Gage loves writing because there isn’t much else to do in his eyes. Passing would be acceptable this year for Gage. He was born in Winchester, VA, and is special because of his amazing skill of not caring a single bit. He also possesses the ability to simply not speak for hours at a time; of which being a hard feat for most children.

Ebony Steiner is an 11th grade high school student at Berkeley Springs West Virginia. They enjoy reading poetry and late 90s rock music. His biggest writing influence is Courtney Pepperneil, they influenced her by being raw with their writing and speaking what they feel. He started writing when they were 12. They hope to write more often this year. Her instagram is eb__sss. 

Aspiring artist and animator and game developer, Hey names Kaytlyn but everyone says Kate. Along with the pursuit of the arts, as a side hobby, I enjoy writing. I am a high school student slowly ripping my hair out as I try and figure out who I am and what I want to be. And if my dream job will actually make me money, it usually doesn’t. With all that put aside, I have my beloved dog and family as my support group.

This is Laura Herbst,  and she’s from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What makes her special is that she is very witty but actually really boring, so when people think she’s making jokes and being sarcastic, Laura is actually serious. She enjoys reading classic books like Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, and The Scarlet Letter.. These kinds of things usually influence her writing because they like writing in the past and she likes putting a bad spin or twist on things. Jane Austen is the biggest influence on Laura’s writing and to ever be compared to her would be truly the best thing to ever happen. She started writing because of Emily Dickenson poems and the women authors from the past who pushed the feminist agenda even in a time when they would be ostrasized for doing so. She loves writing because it gives her a sense of empowerment. Laura’s favorite author’s are Jane Austen and Emily Bronte and they have influenced her writing by opening up the topics she writes about and letting history and movements creep into their writing. This year she would like to have enough good writings to submit for her college portfolio and college applications. Her Insta; _.selenaaaaa.

The Class of 2020-2021

Candice Payne is a Senior at Berkeley Springs High School, who procrastinates on everything but manages to still get it done on time. In her “spare time”, she usually watches funny people on youtube. Her favorite genres to read include comedy, fantasy, and science fiction. Her favorite authors include Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling. This year she hopes to finish high school with decent enough grades to get into college. You can find more of her work on instagram @canned_ice1717.

Jaidallyn Andrews is a junior at Berkeley Springs High School. She has lived in Berkeley Springs, WV her entire life and is extremely focused on her academic career. Jaidallyn is active in student government and is Vice President of BSHS student council and the class of 2022. She enjoys reading realistic fiction and poetry. Author Judy Blume introduced her to her love of reading and writing around the age of eight. Jaidallyn’s favorite author is Jenny Han, author of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy. Her biggest influences in writing are authors Patricia McCormick and Harper Lee. These authors wrote about social and political injustices making Andrews passionate about spreading awareness and promoting equality. Jaidallyn is aiming to overall improve her writing and find the style of writing that best suits her during this academic year. To keep up with Jaidallyn and see more about her, follow her on Instagram and Twitter @jaidallynrose

Emily Staebler is a senior at Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, West Virginia. She is finishing her senior year at home and online. She really likes to write about romance and action and fantasy. She also likes to write and read a lot of supernatural books. She likes authors like J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer and Rick Roidron. She wants to write and finish a book and hopefully write a second book. You can find out when the author is going to start a book on her instagram, which is at staeblere30.

Sarah Seabright is a Junior at Berkeley Springs High School. She’s from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. She likes to read horror and psychological thrillers. Her biggest influence is her older sister. Writing is important to her because it gives her a way to express herself. She doesn’t really have a favorite author, but enjoys Edgar Allan Poe because of his darker writings. She hopes to accomplish getting through the school year with more motivation. Her instagram is _.sarahjeadol

Jayden Rhodes is from the small town of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia where he was born and raised. He enjoys historical fiction and nonfiction, as well as survival novels. He loves writing because he enjoys it, and it helps to keep him thinking logically. He doesn’t have a  favorite author, but there are several he likes such as Daniel Defoe or Jules Verne, and they have influenced him by being great examples of what he could aspire to be. This year he hopes to write several interesting stories that impart knowledge to the reader.

Alex Mccusker is from Berkeley Springs. He plays High School Soccer and Basketball. When he reads, he likes to read sporty books. He also likes to watch scary movies and occasionally read a scary book. Some of the stories he writes are inspired by the movies he has watched. He likes to write both scary and sporty stories.

Jordan Chinchello is a student at Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, West Virginia. She loves to write and draw. Since she is an artist, she adds great detail in her stories. She isn’t very good at writing nonfiction unless it truly interests her. Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, and Tui T. Sutherland are three of her favorite authors. This year she wants to improve her writing skills in both nonfiction and fiction. You can find some of her drawings and some samples of her work on her personal instagram account, chinchellojordan.

Skye Riddell is a junior at Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, West Virginia. She enjoys reading mystery and romance stories. Her favorite author would be Karen M. McManus because she wrote one of her favorite book. The person that influenced her to write was her friend, Chloe Riggs. Skye enjoys writing when she lays in bed listening to music. This year she hopes to accomplish getting better at writing in dialogue.

Hannah Shekey is a high school student at Berkeley Springs High School and Baywatch on the low at Cacapon State Park in Morgan County, West Virginia. She plays soccer, track and field, and basketball. She also enjoys surfing and teaching other people how to surf. Her favorite author is Cassandra Claire. Her sense of humor and love for telling stories inspired her writing. This year she hopes to get her life back on track and get noticed by colleges. You can contact me through @hshekey on snap, when I get my phone back, or through my teacher.

Bella Rayl is a 12th grader at Berkeley Springs High School. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she moved to Virginia when she was five. One of her biggest influences is her first born nephew Xavier (Gus Gus). Xavier taught Bella how to be patient and how to love and how to be creative. Bella’s Favorite books to read are old romance or sci-fi fantasy novels. Jane Austen is Bella’s biggest influence when it comes to dialog. This year Bella wants to work on her writing skills and learn to be more creative in her writing.

Makayla Snow is a senior at Berkeley Springs high school in Morgan County, West Virginia. She likes reading non-fiction books and English class. She likes and reads true crime books and gets an idea about what she wants to write and makes it her own. She started writing stories when she was in seventh grade when she had to write a story for English class. She doesn’t love writing, but she writes when she is bored and if she feels sad. Her favorite author is Molly Jackson, she read her book A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. She bases her stories around the way Molly writes hers. She hopes that she can become a good writer at the end of the year. Instagram: twixs_kayla_16

Jenna Perry is a Senior at BSHS in Morgan County, West Virginia. She enjoys writing poems and short stories. Jenna’s favorite genres are young adult nonfiction, fiction, and horror. Her favorite authors are Sadie Robertson, John Green, and Stephen King. Her biggest influence comes from Sadie Robertson and her book “Live” because it is inspirational and Godly. Jenna loves writing because it helps her express her emotions. Her goals for this year in writing are to publish a story people can relate to and make every story her best story.

The Class of 2019-2020

Alyssa Wagner is a student at Berkeley Springs Highschool in Morgan County. She is one of two chief editors in her creative writing class, and she is excited to see where this class and position takes her as a writer. She started writing as a hobby, but soon fell in love with being submerged in her stories. She loves to read anything she can interpret in her own personal way, and loves to write in the same style. 

  Brandy Capps is a student at Berkeley Springs High School student in Morgan county, West Virginia. Brandy is currently in twelfth grade planning to attend Shepherd University for nursing. She loves to see her three nieces when she gets the chance to. Brandy enjoys driving the backroads when the crispy leaves gently twirl to the ground. My favorite hobby to do is to read poetry by Emily Dickson and many other authors. I go to school, play sports, work, and when I get time I enjoy spending time with my best friends. The biggest influencer in my life would be my mom because she’s taught me how to be the young lady I am today. The reason why I love to write is because you can express yourself, and how you truly feel.

John Stohl is a student at Berkeley Springs High School. He is from Berkeley Springs,   has lived here his whole life. He plays hockey in Hagerstown, Maryland and travels all up and down the east coast. He is planning on going into the Army National Guard right after high school then pursuing his education at West Virginia University. He likes reading and writing comedy, suspenseful, and horror. His creative writing teacher, Mr. Dugan is his biggest influence in writing because he wants to be as good as a writer as him one day. He has always liked writing to express his creative mindset. His favorite author is Gary Paulsen because that’s who wrote the first book he ever read willingly. His goals for this year is too get as any stories as he can put up on the class website. Follow him on instagram @stohl_3

Savannah Fox is currently a student at Berkeley Springs High School. Her birthday is April 25th, she was born and raised in West Virginia. She is currently employed at the Canary Grill as a waitress. She plans on going the Marines after school, then depending on how the Military goes, she plans on going to college to become a Vet Tech. In her free time she likes to run her horses up and down trails, watch scary movies with all her friends, or spend her time with her boyfriend Nick Fontaine. Her favorite animals are chinchillas, horses, and cats. Shes very outgoing and is a very caring person.

Dalton was born in Morgantown West Virginia on November 1st, 2001 and since then has resided in West Virginia for a total of 15 years and in Ohio for two years. Dalton is a pretty typical teenage boy that likes video games and has a knack for writing. He enjoys writing fiction, drama, and a little bit of romance. Dalton also has an overwhelming sense of aiding others and being protective of those he cares about. If you have strong morals you’ll definitely get along with Dalton. Dalton’s biggest influence is his favorite fictional shows and stories, RWBY and spiderman being the biggest. Neal Shusterman is Dalton’s favorite author, The Scythe series being one of his favorite series of all time. Dalton hopes to intrigue and open up perspectives for new mindsets with people. Here are his links! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7dIrIRx5dDCLsli4MmiL_A Twitter: russianwolf47 Instagram: ghosty_breeden_2001

Hailey Hoffman, a student at Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, WV, has a burning passion for writing. She finds that the hardest things to say, are better written down on paper. She is one of two student admins of the editorial board for the WriteMC webpage. She is also very big into photography and hopes to one day build a business out of it, helping people like herself to find their inner and outer confidence and beauty. Although very shy and quiet in person, you’ll find that she has much more to say when she has a pencil in her hand and paper to throw her thoughts onto. Support her photography dream on instagram @twilightlnphotography !

Sarah Dawn Williams  is her full name. Shes 17 years old and her birthday is March 24, 2002. Sarah likes to dance, draw, and go swimming. She likes to read|write about romance and drama. Sarah’s biggest influence is Mr. Dugan, ever since last year he has encouraged her to be a great writer. Sarah wants to be a nurse and go to college.

Alexis Barker is a senior at Berkeley Springs High School, in Morgan County West Virginia. She has played volleyball for the school for the past five years. She enjoys watching medical dramas like Greys Anatomy on Netflix. She plans on attending Blue Ridge Community College in Martinsburg to complete a degree in athletics. On her free time she likes to drive around and hang out with her friends at their spot. She has her friends and family that support her unconditionally and love her to no end. She enjoys scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and texting her friends on Snapchat.

Chloe Riggs is a tenth-grade student at Berkeley Springs High School in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. She is a part of the Creative Writing class. Chloe loves to read and write about humorous, romantic, and mysterious stories. She writes because it is an escape from her reality and is the only way she knows to express all of the ideas or thoughts floating around in her head. She is inspired by her favorite author, Kassie West, as well as an encouraging English teacher. By the end of the year, Chloe plans to have a better sense of her writing style or technique by the end of the year. You can find some of her work on this website. 

Glory Stoll is a senior in berkeley springs high school. She works at Fairfax coffee house as a barista and in her free time she volunteers at the morgan county humane society. She loves all animals and enjoys working with children. She loves reading and her favorite subject is english. Glory came from a large family of 9 children and she has  a close relationship with almost all of them. Her best friend is her younger brother Chris. She has a cat named Jerry and he knows how to ‘play dead’. To keep up with Glory add her Snapchat and instagram@ thestellar247

Katelynn Andrews is currently a student who transferred from Paw Paw High School to Berkeley Springs High School. The numbers are a bit higher at her new school, compared to a measly 15 people in an entire class. At her old school, she was able to sneak a kitten into the last few hours of school. She doesn’t see that being an opportunity, anytime soon. On the bright side, she’s making the transition.  She now works at Mcdonalds to help pay the bills. And even though 2 weeks worth of pay gathers to a poor $450, it’s better than nothing. In her free time, she studies or plays D&D, with her boyfriend where she can create her own character, and choose her own path. She isn’t too reliable in the mathematics schematics; but, she recently won first place in the West Virginia Young Writers Contest. She enjoys anything she can mark up with her own ideas, whether it be a story, or a painting. She doesn’t like to hear “Oh my gosh, did you hear about what Sally did?” When she could be listening to Nirvana, instead. Music is one of her biggest inspirations, it’s prioritized. Katelynn is ready to flee high school, and jump into college.

Virginia Burns is a sophomore at Berkeley Springs High School. She has lived in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia for her entire life. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and looking for dogs to pet. She likes reading and writing adventure and fantasy. She finds that an escape from reality once in a while can be refreshing. One author she likes is Richard Adams. This year, she hopes to improve her writing skills and work on a few personal projects.

Kimberly Spurlock is a 12th grade student at Berkeley Springs High School in West Virginia. Her favorite genres for reading are classics and teen novels but her favorite genre for writing is poetry. Her favorite authors are Fyodor Dostoevsky and Steven King, however her favorite poem is The Divine Comedy by Dante Aligieri. The biggest influence on her writing is J.K Rowling and this year she hopes to write another story in a poem format.

Corbin Ryan is a student-athlete at Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County, West Virginia. He is a senior who also trains dogs on the weekends for veterans and the disabled. He also makes youtube videos of the video games he plays in his spare time. He enjoys writing and reading about science fiction. His favorite books are Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam and any of the goosebumps books by R.L. Stine. This year he plans to get accepted into the truck driving academy so he can explore the United States. You can see his youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7zAqfvQOQYqlw0det50Mdw

Hynnja Dietrich is a 17 year old senior at Berkeley Springs High School. She is a very quirky, optimistic, kind-hearted, generous, sassy, and self-sufficient. She is devoted on enlisting into the marines and to all the sports she has played for over ten years. Her greatest pride is being a big sister to two beautiful, energetic, sarcastic sisters. She says her dad is her biggest supporter, best friend, and inspires her to be the best person she can be. She favors writing horror or comedy genres, but can write anything as long as she is “feeling the vibes.”