Serial Novellas

Throughout the course of our school year, students will be working on a novella. These novellas are released throughout the school year in vignette style. Please read the summaries of each novella below and click on the title to read more.

Here is where we will type the short synopsis of each novella, including genre, and basic overview of the plot, etc. The titles will be hyperlinked to the novella pages. Each novella will have a working title.

The Luster of Leather by Asa Thurmond : A crime noire novella about a grizzled arson investigator living in the near future. The novel begins with a historic building burning to the ground under mysterious circumstances.

The Brink of Extinction by Dylan Wise: An alternate history novella crossover, The Brink of Extinction answers the question, how would history be changed if dinosaurs had been deployed by the North during the American Civil War?

Where’s My Messiah by Taylin Bachtell: This story of place explores the life of two young children facing the death of both of their parents in Appalachia during the start of the opioid epidemic.

The Show Must Go On by Cody Cottle: A young adult novel written in the style of John Green, The Show Must Go On tells the story of a young man searching for a connection with his deceased father through the language of music.

We’re All Strangers by Kindle Gill: This novella takes a very difficult look at a once close knit and happy family as their relationships are torn apart by drug addiction. This is a powerful story about how the decisions parents make change and effect their children.

A Cold Civil War by Thomas Munson: A social commentary disguised as an alternate history, A Cold Civil War takes the stalemate of the Korean Civil War and applies it to the American Civil War. How would the world be different if the North and the South had remained divided?

Remembering by Abigail Emmons: When the world’s environment is destroyed by the failure of an underground Carbon Dioxide storage facility, the remains of humanity are forced to live in environmentally controlled domes, but no one remembers the past, or who is to blame for the destruction of Earth.

A Crisis in the Mind: A young girl is in a coma, and a mysterious stranger visits the hospital and claims he can communicate with her, and eventually return her to consciousness, for a fee. This novella explores love and asks what we would be willing to do to save our family.