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This is Berkeley Springs Creative Writing class of 2017-18’s website. In this class, writers of all levels work on multiple genres and styles of writing. People who have volunteered their work or have had it been chosen will have it published on this website.

When going through these works, please keep in mind that these writers are still teenagers and in the process of learning how to write or make their writing better. Unlike with most works this class has no professional editor; therefore, there will be grammatical mistakes that we may have missed before publishing. We try our hardest to make sure all work published is the best it can be.

We also have a page for submissions where anyone can ask to have their personal work published on this site. You will see the link for that page up on the top menu.

We hope you enjoy all these writings! If you wish to, please leave comments on anything that you read in order to further these students’ writing skills.