The Cave by: Calie Brown

Walking through the damp cave, he panted, seeking shelter from the storm outside. The sound of water dripping through the crevices in the Earth. His dog had run away from him when the thunder started, and he was not expecting to be out this long. He sniffles and pulls his jacket around himself. Stumbling further into the void-filled cave, he pulls his phone out to … Continue reading The Cave by: Calie Brown

The Last Place You Look by Cody Doorn

Jerry yawned as he drove slowly down his street, it was quieter than usual, it wasn’t night just yet the sun was still going down, it was strange that there were no children playing.“Hm.”He supposed it wasn’t too odd, a mother calling their child in just as the sun started to go down is a pretty common thing. Maybe he was just thinking of when … Continue reading The Last Place You Look by Cody Doorn

Untitled by Kaytlyn Spates

 Whispers called his name over and over as he wandered past the old pews. The floors of the church are coated in a thick, rusty, red substance. He could hear his shuddered breathing. As he slid along the wall, the whispering grew louder. Regret soon filled his mind as the walls began shifting into something pulsing with life. The walls took on a fleshie form, … Continue reading Untitled by Kaytlyn Spates