Spongebob V. Cockroach by Chloe Riggs

A scream echoed in my ears, drawing my attention from the captivating scene in my book. I lifted my head, rubbing the back of my neck, as my gaze followed the scream of horror in the unfamiliar kitchen. “Why are you screaming?” Holly, my eldest sister, yelled as she shut the front door. Everything in this beach house seemed so ancient, I winced everytime something … Continue reading Spongebob V. Cockroach by Chloe Riggs

Darling Souls by Madison Harvey

When my great-great Aunt Lucille’s husband, Junior, died she moved in with my grandma, Shirley. She stayed in my Uncle Kevin’s room. It was fifth grade, and I was just a little girl in love with my grandma. I stayed over there a lot, and always ended up sleeping in my father’s old room. It wasn’t a large room. The walls were painted an Aegean … Continue reading Darling Souls by Madison Harvey

Stung by Harly Didawick

The sweat dripped from my forehead as the sun lowered in the sky. While shielding my eyes, I watched the deer dance around the hills of the golf course. The bees were peacefully playing in the flowers. In shock, I pointed at the black clouds just above the far mountain. “That looks troubling.”  Joe agreed and said, “Let’s go and get our cars.”  I expressed … Continue reading Stung by Harly Didawick

Memoir of the Five Dwarves by Jada Dean

My friends and I set up a D&D session at one of their houses. D&D is a tabletop role-playing game where you play as a fictional character you create. Every D&D session has a Dungeon Master (also known as a DM). That’s the person who runs the session, chooses the story, plays as monsters and npc’s, etc. This was a new session with a new … Continue reading Memoir of the Five Dwarves by Jada Dean