Stuck at Home (COVID-19 Journal) by Alyssa Wagner


Well, for day one of quarantine, I did a photoshoot. My best friend’s sister is a photographer and she wanted to do a ‘best friends’ photoshoot with us. We dressed up and took a ton of pictures. They turned out goofy and cute. I’ll make sure to include a few pictures. I also did some homework, but that’s not very interesting to write about. that’s pretty much it, I’ll check back in tomorrow.


I played my ukulele a lot today, and I painted some pictures upon request from some of my friends. If I can include a video of me playing the uke, I will…. But if not, then I’ll just have some pictures of my paintings. I had to fix my planner because of all the normal things I’d do at school, I don’t need to do now. I decided to do some skin care too, my skin is definitely softer. I did homework, and I’m planning on doing some more boring stuff later too. That includes laundry and cleaning the doorknobs and light switches in my house. Anyway, i’ll write some more tomorrow. 


I went to my dad’s house today. It has been a really long time since i’ve been there. I took some polaroids of my old yard. I miss it there. My brother and father have basically fallen apart without me. Living in filth. I helped my dad clean up the house a little, he said he’ll keep up with it, and I hope he does.


Well, it’s obviously been awhile since the last time I wrote. I played my ukulele a lot. I let people give me words, and then I wrote a song based on the words they gave me. I was pretty bored, so it was fun to do something different. It’s been over a week in quarantine. I haven’t seen Preston in awhile, which sucks. Today he stopped by and dropped off spaghetti and dvds on my porch. I waved to him through the window on the door. It made me really sad for not being able to swing the door open and give him a big hug. I decided to finally wash all the clothes that have piled up in my room, I’m going to fold them after I’m finished writing this. I also bought some banana pudding mix and banana cake mix the other day when we went to pick up bread. I plan on doing some baking tomorrow. I miss school. I miss having my classes in order and I miss having (forced) dedicated time for school. Sure, it’s great sleeping in and all… but it’s so hard to be motivated and do my work. Hopefully that changes soon.


Today I decided to cook for the family. I made honey mustard chicken and rice. Everyone seemed to really like it and it made me want to cook more. I’m starting to get really overwhelmed with school work. It’s really hard trying to figure out due dates and how to turn things in for certain teachers, but I think most of them are being pretty flexible and understanding, which is really cool. Anyway, I decided to rearrange my room in the middle of the night last night and now I actually enjoy getting out of my bed and doing things in my room. That’s all lol.

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