Microfiction Series by Alex McCusker


It is a cold day. Snow is coming down everywhere. School got cancelled, and you can do whatever you want. You get so excited because there is a perfect amount of snow on the ground. The perfect amount to go sledding. You text your friends to come over so you guys can go sledding. A couple of minutes later they come over, and you tell your mom that you’re going outside with your friends. You go out there and feel the cold wind blow on your face. Life is great at this moment.


It is a stormy night. You sit up against your window to hear everything. You hear the wind blow up against your window. You hear the calming rain hit the ground. Everything is just so relaxing. You slowly start to get tired. The sounds of the storm makes you so tired. You fall asleep. Then you wake up to the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning. It scares you a bit. Your parents come in to check on you to make sure you’re okay. You tell them that you are and then continue to fall asleep.

Hot chocolate

Your mom comes into your room and asks you if you want some hot chocolate. You tell her yeah and to add some marshmallows. You get so excited because you love hot chocolate, and it’s perfect for a cold night. You text and brag to all your friends that you’re getting some hot chocolate. Your mom comes into your room, and you take a big drink. You feel it burn your throat as it slowly goes down. You hate the feeling, but you love the flavor. Life can’t get any better at that moment.

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