This is the End by Jordan Chinchello

From: Stephie Andrews

To: Daisy Antonie

Hello “Daisy”,

Well, I think we both know that isn’t your real name. You stuck out in highschool… Oh right. Remember Hawthorn High? I’m sure you do, yet you do your very best to cover up everything that happened there. Too bad there are some of us who remember exactly what happened and how you somehow got away with it. Oh but I’m sure that your husband knows. Right?

Oh, don’t you worry your sweet little mind about it. I won’t tell him or your daughter. Unless, I don’t get exactly what I ask for. I want your savings I know you have. Trust me, we used to be close, I know what you have. Get me 200k by the end of the week, or everyone in your little family will know exactly what you did. 

You’re lucky I’m a generous person and don’t ask for your WHOLE savings. I know that’s just the tip of the iceberg that you’d give to see to it that your precious, innocent daughter never hears about who her father really is and why he is dead. Trust me, I know more than you think. I’ll give you some time to think this over. Hope to hear from you soon. 


Steph ❤ 

From: Daisy Antonie

To: Stephie Andrews

Hello Stephie,

I’m surprised after all these years you’d still hold this over my head. You aren’t getting this 200k that you wish for. I don’t have it. Do not threaten my daughter or husband again. You will live to regret it. After all these years I’d hope that you’d forgotten. Something I definitely remember about you, you never go through with your threats. 

I wasn’t the best kid in high school, but you weren’t either. Remember how you bribed the teachers to pass you? Yeah. I know exactly what you did, so did Jamie. Yet when he told on you, you didn’t go through with your little threat of “beating us to death”. You were homeschooled for six months after that because your mother didn’t want to have to deal with the school system. She just told them that it was a misunderstanding. But really though? Threatening me? I’m surprised. You must be VERY desperate. Good luck on your search for money though.


Daisy Antonie

From: Stephie Andrews

To:Daisy Antonie

Are you surprised when your daughter came home asking about her real father? Oh don’t worry. I didn’t tell her. But you need to be more careful talking to me like you did. Jamies’ death was your fault and you know it. He killed himself because of YOU. Don’t you dare ever forget it. He never wanted to be a father, but he got so excited. That was until you told him that you guys should probably break up. You broke that man’s heart and he took his life because of it. Don’t let me have to tell little Jenny what happened to her poor, brokenhearted father. 

She might end up trusting me more than you, for actually telling her the truth and not lying to her. She is sixteen now. I believe she deserves to know, but she never has to as long as you get me that money. She won’t know and neither will your husband. He must be such a good husband to be raising a daughter who isn’t even his. Oh and I just LOVE your new name. Daisy. The name we always wanted to name our first puppy when we lived together. Too bad that never happened. 

So, I wonder now, are you going to give me the money or am I going to have to ruin your life once again. Don’t try running this time. Because I will find you. Don’t you think I won’t. I will hunt you down like the rabbit you are, jumping from place to place trying to escape. Just give me the money and I’ll be out of your floppy little ears. 

With tons of love,


From: Daisy Antonie

To: Stephie Andrews

Look. You’ll have your money. Just leave my family alone. Don’t you ever talk to Jenny again. You don’t deserve to be in her life after what you’ve done. The money will be transferred into your bank account at 11:37pm tonight. But after this money is transferred you need to stay out of mine and my family’s lives. FOREVER. I don’t really trust you and your antics. So, we are moving and I never want to see or hear from you again. You’re the worst. Threatening my family. My past is my past. I never felt happy or joyful to hear of Jamie’s death. I can’t ever get it outta my mind. It’s always there. 

He meant the world to me, I hope you know. I never wished that on him. I was only trying to save him the hurt. I knew he didn’t have the sources to support me, him, and a baby. I just didn’t want to make him work all the time and I knew he would. I wanted to save him the pain, not cause more. I would do anything to bring him back, but I’ll never get a chance. You use this 200k well because you threatened me with the one thing I can’t ever get over. I hope you’re happy with yourself. And you want to know why I changed my name? It wasn’t my idea. It was my husband’s. He wanted me to have a new life since I always seemed so down with how my life previously went. He helped me grow and work into the person I am today. At least I know you haven’t changed a single bit. 

I hope you find love, so you finally know what it feels like to BE loved. Because the way you are? No one will ever love a cheating, lying, backstabber who threatens others lives. Jamie didn’t deserve what you did to him. Goodbye, Stephie. You’re the worst friend anyone has ever had. 



From: Stephie Andrews

To: Daisy Antonie

This is the last email I will send you, as I’ve received your money. You’re right. I shouldn’t do the things I do. But you know what? I DON’T CARE. You have your perfect little life and I have to fight for everything I get. This money will allow me to rent an apartment and start my adult life. May it be based on lies? Yes it may, but again, do I care? No, not at all. You can accuse me of whatever and I’ll accept it. Because I’ve done everything in your little book of wrongs. You may have gotten rid of me for a few years, but I will come back. You’ll see. You deserve this. YOU KILLED JAMIE. YOU TOOK HIM AWAY FROM ME. IF IT WASN’T FOR ME YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER HAD JENNY OR MET JAMIE IN THE FIRST PLACE. JAMIE WOULDN’T BE DEAD IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU BREAKING HIS HEART. YOU DON’T DESERVE LOVE AND I’LL MAKE SURE I DESTROY YOUR LIFE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. THIS IS THE END.

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