Anawi by Journey Mongold

There was a young boy named Travis. He had always acted weird around his parents, Sherry and Tom. Sherry, his mom, would always notice he would get home late from basketball, football games, and walking home from a friend’s house. When Sherry would ask him why he was always late walking home, he would ignore her. 

Travis was attending the last football game of the season, and he was supposed to get home around 10:00 p.m, but he didn’t get home until 11:00. Sherry had thought that the worrying should come to a stop. She informed Tom about it and planned that when he left his friend’s house to walk home, he would sit in his car and follow wherever he would go.

The night came when it was time for Travis to start walking home from his friend’s. Tom was already parked along the sidewalk waiting for Travis to pass by. It was a cold starry night. Not a living thing, only the black cat that had run across the road. Time passed with Tom almost falling asleep, a swift streak of black that shined in the light caught his eye.

He quickly tilted his head up spotting Travis, in his black hoodie and skinny jeans, was walking the complete opposite direction of his house. Tom decided to watch from a distance where Travis was going. He saw Travis grab a random trash bag and drag it into the woods, and he disappeared.

Tom was in shock and decided to go home and wait for Travis to come through the door. His parents were already sitting down and waiting on him. An hour later when Travis walked in,

 they questioned him with “Why were you carrying a trash bag in the woods?” and  “What was in the bag?”.

Travis couldn’t even get a word in. His parents sent him to his room in frustration, and they continued to talk about what could be going on. Sherry informed Tom there was a post going around on facebook about local dogs going missing and some even found dead. Tom’s mouth dropped with realization.

The parents contacted a secret company they found online that was for kids that committed murders or other serious crimes. It was a boys institution called “Anawi”. Anawi was a high security institute that kept boys for their crimes and terrible behavior.

Sherry headed to Travis’s room and told him to pack his things and be ready to leave at 7 a.m sharp. Travis was confused with the little information his Mom gave him. Travis ignored his curiosity and packed his bags. The night went by slowly for Travis. It hit 2.a.m, without Travis’s knowledge three men came into his room in black suits and masks. 

They grabbed him and his bags and jerked him throughout the house and into the black van parked along the curb. He was hardly awake but in shock. The short glimpses he saw were his parents that stood in the front doorway. 

The juvenile home didn’t have cells, but it was still terrifying. They told him he could write letters. It was one of the only things he could do. He didn’t deserve to be here. He gathered his pencil and paper, and began to write “Dear Mom and Dad, This is all wrong, you had me all wrong. The suspicion you had was me keeping a secret from you, but about the wrong thing. If you had seen me walking in the woods at night with a bag, that was a bag of gifts I was wrapping for you guys. My friends can never keep a secret so I couldn’t do it there, so I literally wrapped them and put them all together in the woods. They’re actually still down there in the woods, but I guess it doesn’t matter now. That’s why I was home so late all the time, and plus I was just getting a breather, because I was constantly around someone and I just needed a break, a lot. I miss you guys, but I wish you would have spoken to me first and actually let me talk.

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