Microfiction by Candice Payne

The Day

The moment had finally arrived for young Beatrice. She had worked her whole life to be allowed to join the team. She spent everyday training as hard as she could, both physically and mentally. Exercising and studying, that was a typical day for her. It was an endless cycle for this moment, this day. She walked up to her new home. The stone-cold pavement beneath her feet kept her grounded. Despite her calm exterior, she was freaking out inside. It was finally happening. Today was her first day at the academy. 

The Run

Faster, faster, faster, She thought to herself. She couldn’t stop now. There were so many on her trail. She couldn’t let them catch her. The dirt road beneath her seemed to stretch for miles. She wasn’t sure how long she had to keep running, but she was determined to keep going. She heard the faint sounds of people yelling in the distance. She couldn’t really make out what they were saying but it made her go faster. The voices got louder as she got closer. She passed a line and she stopped hearing the loud cheers. 

Nothing Stays

It was a normal day. Patrons came in. They got their coffee and most stayed for a while, having friendly interactions with the workers and their friends. Then they would go, leaving happily. It was a very simple interaction. It was a small part of the day, but  it was routine for most. Everyday they stopped by. It was the same over and over again. It was lovely everytime. It felt like a home to many though they probably never realized it. One day, it disappeared, sold to some corporation, leaving a sudden hole in the patrons’ days

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