Stay in School Thomandra

Thomandra had a difficult time with her math teacher, she went to the school and talked to people in charge. She saw no change so she gave it a week. One day during class her teacher handed out papers, but she did not get one, the teacher announced at the front of the room

“If you didn’t receive a paper that means you did not turn one in and you get a zero.”

Thomandra was furious, she argued

“Excuse me I turned mine in, maybe you just missed it?”

“Enough! This is a complete waste of my time”

she considered herself a hard working student but was on her last straw, she thought to herself

“You know what I’ll just make another appointment with my principal” she went and told him the situation and he said he would get right on it and take care of things.

The next day after class she was held against her will to be told she was a liar and that if Thomandra had a problem she shouldn’t go tell her math teacher’s boss about it. Thomandra thought that she should go to her boss because when she did the paper was magically found and a grade was entered. The issues continued and no action was taken. Thomandra took her own action, she decided she was not going back to school, she went home schooled. Months went by, 3 months to be exact and she did no work, she laidd in bed. Eventually she was diagnosed with depression and was forced to take medication. However the medication worked and she started to feel better and more motivated and she went back to school. She went to the school and was moved out of the witches class. She was doing her work and going to school. She got her license and was paying for her car. She was going to her job and doing her work. And the teacher didn’t bother her again. Lots of kids joked,

“I should just drop out of school too.”

And Thomandra stressed that they shouldn’t. She said it is a big mistake and you should stay in school because it will ruin your education if you leave.

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