John Cena Arrested, Not Invisible After All by Skye Riddell

On Thursday, December 22, 2020 A witness saw John Cena running from a Party City in California. The Witness stated ¨I saw a man running out holding a bunch of costumes, and when I looked up, it was John Cena.¨ The witness saw Cena trying to get into his car when a police officer stopped him. The police officer took him in for questioning after arresting him in the parking lot. The police officer questioned Cena on why he would think he would get away with robbing a party city. John Cena replied with “you cant see me¨ while waving his hand across his face. When John Cena was in the WWE he started a move where he would wave his hand across his face. John Cena stated “My family was having fun dancing to funny music when my younger brother started to do a dance with his hand in his face, and I started doing that when I would win.¨ Cena eventually started to say you cant see me while doing the move. The police finished questioning Cena and released him with no charges. By the time Cena was out of police custody, the story was out. He made a public announcement “ I didn’t mean to rob the Party City, I just needed to show people that you can see me. Everyone started to believe that you actually couldn’t see me, so I needed to prove to them that you can in fact see me¨. He made it into a joke on instagram by posting a picture of him with the caption saying, “Apparently, you can see me¨. 

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