Microfiction by Skye Riddell

She Never Understands 

My mom walks in, looking at what I have done. I looked back at her as If I did nothing. She started to yell at me, wondering how she got stuck with me. I explained my reasons why I did what I did, but she wouldn’t listen. Everything I said, she just ignored. I sat down realizing she will never understand why I did what I did. After she finished yelling, she looked at me and yelled for my dad. My dad walked in and started to laugh. He looked at me, then the dog dressed up as a cat.

The Beautiful Sky

I sat on my bed waiting for the sun to go down. It was completely silent as I tiptoed across my bedroom to my window. Each step I took, a tear ran down my cheek. How could I be this worthless, obnoxious human? The closer I got to the window, the faster I felt at peace. I climbed up to the ledge looking out at the beautiful sky. I wondered if I would become as bright as those stars one day. A breeze came over me, sending shivers down my spine. I finally took a step forward, taking my last breath. 

Little boy

I tried to go to sleep, but every time I closed my eyes I saw the little boy. He was just sitting there in the middle of my floor, covered in blood. I was too scared to speak to him. I mean, he looked like he was dead. I got out of bed to go closer to get a better look at him. I wanted to see if he needed my help, but as I got closer he got farther away. I turned my light on so I could see better, but when I did he vanished.

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