Rich Love 

by: Leasah Hutchinson

My daughter has always been the best thing to ever happen to me, but I can not say that meeting her mother was. It’s Pearl’s 16th birthday, which means I will have to get her a bunch of presents and a car. Some say I spoil her, but I only try to make up for what she has lost. 

See, Pearl never met her mother, and I have always told her that her mother was a wonderful whale and had died giving birth. I don’t want Pearl to know what really happened to her mother. I don’t want her to know what happened sixteen long years ago…. 

“Runnnnn,” Spongebob screamed as the dolphins chased us down the long, triangle-shaped hall. “Holy krabby patty. They are shooting at us.” I ran with the others, and screamed as the lasers got close to me. 

“What in Neptune are those things?” 

“I’m not sure Mr. Krabs,” Spongebob yelled back at me. 

“Stop!” A voice screamed at us, and we halted from the terror of it. There, floating in the sky, was a large gray whale. She was the sexiest thing I have ever seen, and her blow hole mesmerized me. “Where do you think you’re going,” her angelic voice filled the air. We all stared: the others staring in fear and me staring with love. She looked at me with the side eye of hers. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. “You all will follow me.” We walked down the long grey walls and I couldn’t help myself.  I glanced at her butt as it swerved side to side. Wow, it was big. 

“You will be in this room, and you will be in this room,” she told each of us. I stared at her as she went into my room with me. “You are a very sexy man Mr. Krabs.” What? How could she be so blunt with me? She laughed at my shocked face. “What’s wrong? Did I startle you?” She said she floated closer to me. Her big chest came close to me. I stared at that big mouth and wondered if she was going to kiss me or eat me. She leaned down and smiled as she leaned in for a kiss. Her mouth wrapped around my body, and I screamed in fear. She spit me back out and apologized. “I was only trying to kiss you Krabby boy.” 

“Oh, that’s ok. You just startled me a little.” I said as she leaned back in for a kiss. 

“Wanna kiss my hole, Krabby boy?” she said with a sly smile. I smiled as she lowered her blow hole to me. The rest of the night was magical and the next morning all I could do was smile at her beautiful floating body. I had fallen back to sleep, and when I woke up, she was gone. Where did she go? I got dressed and walked out into the narrow hallway. 

“Where’s Mr. Krab? What are you doing? Why are you floating? Have you ever had a krabby patty?” I could hear Sponge bob’s loud voice echoing through the hall. Why was he bothering her?

“Spongebob! Leave the poor lady alone. What is your name, my love?” I look at her with a wide smile. 

“Don’t you think you should have asked that before you went to bed with me?” 

“Mr. Krabbbsss,” Spongebob said while elbowing me. I smiled and shook my head at her. 

“My names Mearl though,” I looked at her a little amused. What kind of name was that? “Are you laughing at my name?” 

“Not, laughing, just smiling, because it’s so pretty,” I said with a stutter. Squidward laughed at me. “Do you want a job at my new restaurant or not?” 

“It doesn’t matter, we are all going to die anyway.” 

“We’re going to die!” Spongebob started screaming and running around like a maniac. Sandy started to try and calm him down but then Patrick started freaking out too. 

“Stop!” Mearl screamed at us. “You are all going home right now!” She shot a laser out of her blow hole and a big circle with a bunch of blue and purple swirls appeared.” The others were sucked into the hole, but I had held onto a door handle.

“Mearl, they are gone, you can make that disappear,” I screamed while holding on for dear life. 

“No Krabby boy, you are going home,” she said with anger. 

“I thought you loved me. We did cross breeding.” I screamed as my hands started slipping. 

“I know Krabby boy, but my new husband is rich and he wants to buy me a whole ocean. You’re poor and I don’t want a poor man or his poor baby.” 

“What? A baby?,” I screamed as I slipped. 

“I’ll send her to you once I give birth,” she yelled as I disappeared. When I woke up I was in my bed, and I was positive that it was all a dream, but nine months later she showed up. Not Mearl but it was Pearl, my daughter. I heard her cries one morning and found her with a note that read:  

Dear Krabby boy, 

This is your daughter Pearl and she was born last night. I will not be in her life because I am pregnant again with a rich daughter. She will be perfect unlike your Pearl. I will however always cherish our night together. It was very humbling for me. 

From that day on I promised to make sure Pearl got everything she wanted, and I made enough money to make every rich person bow down to me. 

“Daddyyyy. Did you get me a car? Did you get Boys Who Cry to play at my party? Daddyy,” Pearl screamed. 

“Yes, I got you everything you wanted Pearl.” She giggled and jumped up and down with joy. She started talking to her friends on her phone about the party. 

BOOM! A loud sound came from the living room. Me and Pearl ran to the living room to see what had happened. 

“Happy sixteenth birthday, my beautiful daughter,” Mearl smiled as she hugged our daughter.

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